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target suitability
the form and value of property, the visibility and accessibility of targets, and teh vulnerablility of property and people to victimization

crime occurs when motivated offenders are present near suitable targets that are mot adequatly protected
measured by the extent to which people in the course of their daily behavior do, or do not protect property and individuals from crime.


women working outside home
increase in one person households
more vacation
more recreation outside home
routine activities theory
criminal motivation

motivated offenders and criminal opportunities come together
value of property
offenders usually choose victims on the basis of general expectations about how much money or property they will get... also how vulnerable they are
precipitation or provocation
victim does or says something that causes an offender to violate the law
instigation or prepetration
victim actively encourages a crime or takes criminal action against another person
victim places theirselves at risk by deliberation, recklessness, or negligence1
vulnerablity or invitation
some peple are unusually suspectible becasuse of personal attributes, social status, or entry into a risk filled dituation
victim is a party to a comsensual crime such as gambling or prostitution
affluence will often attract others
offenders can expect that the victim will not report the crime to the p9olice or testify in court, perhaps because othe victim is also breaking the law
victim precipitation
person who suffers eventualy harm from a crime plays a direct role in causing the crime to be perpetrated
facilitating factors to a crime
alcohol, drugs, firearms
alcohol and crime
alcohol reduces inhibitions and triggers law-violating behavior in some people
drugs and crime- psychopharmacological
effects such as paranoia, excitability, irrationality, and loss of self control can lead to assualts and murders