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(not tested routinely unless report of deficit)

assess patentcy by closing one nostril at a time and sniffing

asymmetry is important abnormal
Cranial Nerve I

visual acuity test

use opthalmoscpoe to examine the ocular fundus to determine color, size, and shape of optic disc
Crania Nerve II

pupils for size, regularity, equality, direct/consensual light reactions & accomodation

cardinal positions of gaze

nystagmus - oscillation of eyes back & forth
Cranial Nerves III, IV, VI

motor function - palpate temporal and masseter muscles as person clenches teeth, s/b equal

try to separate jaws by pusing on chin, should not be able to

test light touch with a cotton wisp, ask person to say when they feel it

corneal reflex - only with abnormal facial mvmt.
lightly touch cornea with cotton wisp, s/b bilateral blinking
Cranial Nerve V
corneal reflex - only with abnormal facial mvmt.
lightly touch cornea with cotton wisp, s/b bilateral blinking

motor function - mobility/facial symmetry - "smile, frown, close eyes tight (while you try to open them), lift eyebrows, show teeth, puff cheeks (try to push air out - should escape equally)

sensory function - test only when suspect facial nerve injury - sense of taste - solution of salt, sugar, lemon
Cranial Nerve VII
Acoustic (Vestibulocochlear)

hearing acuity by:

hear normal conversation?
whispered voice test?
Weber & Rinne tuning fork tests
Cranial Nerve VIII
Glossopharyngeal and Vagus Nerve

Motor Function - depress tongue with tongue blade and note pharyngeal movement as person says "ahh" - uvula, tonsil movement - symmetrical?

gag reflex

does voice sound smooth?
Cranial Nerves IX and X
Spinal Accessory Nerve

sternomastoid & trapezius muscles

rotate head against resistance applied to side of chin
shrug shoulders against resistance

look for symmetrical strength
Cranial Nerve XI
Hypoglossal Nerve

inspect the tongue - s/b no wasting or tremors

forward thrust s/b midline

say "light, tight, dynamite" - look for clear distinct speech
Cranial Nerve XII