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committee that oversees taxing and spending legislation
House Ways and Means Committee
The Senate's unique powers include what?
confirmation of presidential nominations to the federal court and ambassadors
laws that find people guilty of a crime and sentence them to prison
bills of attainder
punish people for actions that occurred before the behavior was made criminal
ex post facto laws
What are the non-legislative tasks of Congress?
-public education
-representing Contituents within the government
legally compel witnesses to appear and testify
legally compel
Why is the legislative process designed to be slow and complicated?
to prevent Congress from acting hastily
whoever introduces a bill is called
sponsor of the bill
What committee does the House have that the Senate doesn't?
Rules Committee
committee responsible for determining how long a bill will be debated and whether to use open or closed rule
Rules Committee
Amendment to a bill proposed by its opponents for the specific purpose of decreasing the bill's chance of passage
killer amendment
Who holds all the committee chairs?
majority party of each house
What does it mean when the majority party holds all the committee chairs?
They control all business of the committee
What do subcommittees often determine?
How money is spent
What are the four types of committees in Congress?
standing, joint, select, and conference
Examples of Standing Committees
House Ways and Means Committee
Senate Judiciary Committee
Senate Armed Services Committee
How many standing committees are in the Senate and House?
House- 20
Senate- 17
What are joint committees generally used for?
Communicating to the public or investigations
What does a select committee normally do?
carry out investigations for the purpose of writing special legislation
Examples of select committees
Made during the Nixon era:

House Watergate Committee
Senate Select Committee on Unfair Campaign Practices
The work of select committees led to what?
campaign reform
a bill stuck in a House or Senate Committee
Where are the powers delegated to the executive branch located?
Article II Section 2
Who has the power to declare war? Make war?
gives the President the broad powers to commit unlimited numbers of troops for an unlimited length of time in the Vietname conflict
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
-law requiring the president to seek periodic approval from Congress for any substantial troop commitment
-1973 response to Vietnam War
War Powers Act
What are the president's most important informal powers?
Policy persuader
Communicator to Congress
What are three divisions of the White House?
domestic, foreign, and military affairs
top aide to the President
The Chief of Staff
What are the powers of the Chief of Staff?
-manage Executive Office
-control access to the President
Who were Clinton's two Chief of Staff's? What was the difference between them?
Thomas McClarty- disorganized
Leon Panetta- opposite
has been involved since the late 1940s in the decision-making process during national emergencies
National Security Council (NSC)
What have past presidents used NSC for and which president did what?
Kennedy- Cuban Missile Crisis
Reagan- Iran- Contra Affair
Bush- Gulf War
assists the president in formulating policies relating to energy, education, agriculture, national resources, economic affairs, health and human resources, welfare reform , drug abuse, and crime
The Domestic Policy Council
is responsible for preparing the budget of the US and can be used to control and manage the executive agencies for the President
The Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
Why does the OMB have so much power?
Because of its ability to allocate money to the cabinet departments
Was the cabinet created by the Constitution?
No. Created by custom and usage
Give some examples as to what trade agreements the US Trade Representative deals with
responsible for negotiating complex trade and tariff agreements for the president
US Trade Representative
responsible for helping the president make national economic policy
The Council of Economic Advisors
Which position in the cabinet can be dismissed at the President's will?
How many cabinet departments are there?
What are four functions of The Department of Homeland Security?
-protect the borders
-support local agencies and fire departments
-detect chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons
-analyze intelligence
Who defines an impeachable offense?
The House of Representatives
was impeached for bribery and perjury and is now a member of the same House of Representatives who voted his impeachment
Alcee Hastings
What are 4 underlying principles that make up the foundation of our legal system?
-equal justice under the law
-due process of law
-adversarial system
-presumption of innocence
What are two types of due process?
-substantive due process
-procedural due process
kind of due process that deals with whether laws are fair
substantive due process
due process concerned with the question of whether laws are fairly applied
procedural due process
the best way to work out questions of fact is to have two sides debate the burden of guilt or liability in a situation
adversarial system
type of law deals with serious crimes that harm individuals or society
criminal law
after being indicted, has the option to agree to a less serious crime and sentence
plea bargaining
95% of criminal cases end in:
plea bargains
the parties negotiate and the issue becomes how much each party is willing to give up to end the lawsuit
What are the three levels of federal courts? What do they deal with?
Federal District Courts- original jurisdiction
Federal Circuit Courts of Appeals- appeals from district courts
Supreme Court- constitutional and feud between states
Is the process that the Supreme Court uses to hear cases part of the Constitution?
No, it's custom and usage
What are two categories of government entities that aren't a cabinet department?
regulatory agencies
independent regulatory commissions
independent agencies who have the responsibility for filling in these gaps and writing rules
quasi-legislative agencies
independent agencies responsible for rule enforcement and punishing violators
quasi-judicial agencies
What are some of the most controversial government bureaucracy?
Environmental Protection Agency
Equal Employment Opportunities Commission
regulates banks, the value and supply of money, and interest rates
Federal Reserve Board
How long are the terms for the Federal Reserve Board?
14 yrs but head serves 4 yrs