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Large dams on rivers are an example of what source of energy?
Potential energy
What does kinetic energy allow you to do?
Knock over pins with a bowling bowl.
How does the body's potential energy allow us to throw a ball?
The body changes stored energy into kinetic energy.
What are some examples of simple machines?
Wedges and pulleys
Why do people walking on a wet surface sometimes slip?
The water reduces the friction between the foot and the surface.
What will oiling the chain of a bicycle do?
Increase efficiency
What causes a rolling bowling ball to stay in motion?
Energy is needed to do what?
What is an example of mechanical energy?
an unwinding rubber band
Kinetic energy is the energy of what?
What lowers the efficiency of a machine?
What makes work easier and has one or two moving parts?
simple machine
What is an example of something that has the most potential energy?
an elevator stopped on the 7th floor
When does a ball dropped from the top of the school have the most kinetic energy?
just before it hits the ground
When does a ball dropped from the top of the school have the most kinetic energy?
just before it hits the ground
Who developed the Law of Motion?
What simple machine would be most useful for lifting an object straight up into the air?
What simple machine would be most useful for loading the back of a truck?
inclined plane
The cutting edge of an ax is what type of simple machine?
If you want to stop a moving object, you must use what?
When you move a box, you do what?
A lever is made of a what?
bar and fulcrum
A skier who is standing still at the top of a mountain has what?
potential energy
When you use an inclined plane wrapped around a rod, you are using what?
a screw
What is make up of two or more simple machines?
Compound machine
What kind of force slows down two objects when the rub against each other?
__________ is the amount of work a machine does compared to the amount of energy put into using the machine.
The kind of energy stored in food is _________ energy.
What force pulls two objects together?
A machine with many moving parts that usually has low efficiency is a
complex machine
High efficiency means a lot of work is done for the amount of ___________ being used.