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Who argued about how the colonies should be governed?
British and Colonists
The Declaration of Independence was written in what year?
The British Parliament, or government, believed it had the right to
Tax the colonists against their wishes.
The Virginia Patriots believed their __________ should decide on laws and taxes.
local assemblies
Taxation without representation means
being taxed without a vote or say
Name ways the British taxed the colonists.
Stamp Act
Townshend Act
tax on tea
How did the colonist protest the tax on tea?
Boston Tea Party
What is a type of protest?
The Declaration of Independence was written by what man?
Thomas Jefferson
The Declaration of Independence says
colonists should govern themselves.

all people are created equal.

all people have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
A colonist who is on the side of the British and the King are called
Some colonists did not take sides in the Revolution. They are called
Colonists who fight for their freedom are called
Virginia Patriots could join the militia or the
Continental Army
Slaves served on both the British and Continental Armies, but were still given _________ after the war.
During the war women
did more while the men were away fighting.
What man was the leader of the Continental Army?
George Washington
___________ inspired many colonists with his famous speech.
Patrick Henry
Where was the final battle of the Revolution fought?
Who surrendered at the end of the Revolution?
What gave reasons for independence and self-government?
Declaration of Independence