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Who were the first people to live in Virginia?
Native Americans
What were the three primary languages in Virginia?
Algonquian, Siouan, and Iroquoian.
Algonquian was spoken primarily in what region?
The Tidewater Region
Siouan was spoken mostly in what region?
Piedmont Region
What are all of Virginia's Indians called?
Eastern Woodland Indians
What did Virginia's American Indians(First Americans) interact with to meet their basic needs?
Their climate and environment
What did native people use for clothing?
Deer skins
The native people planted crops in the early Summer so they could be harvested in what season?
Why was fishing a common activity for the Powhatan?
Because they lived in the Tidewater Region
How many major native languages where there in Virginia?
Three - Algoquian, Siouan, and Iroquoian.
What language was primarily used in Northern Virginia(where we live now)?
What was the name of a Powhatan house?
What continent did the Native Americans originally come from?
In what region were the Powhatans located?
Tidewater Region
What tribe was part of the Iroquoian Language group?
What Native American language group occupied the Appalachian Plateau?
How did the Native American obtain food?
Fishing, Gathering, and Agriculture.
What kind of transportation did the early Eastern Woodland tribes use?
What was left by the Native People to help us learn about the past?
Artifacts such as arrowheads, pottery, and other tools.
What type of housing was used by the Eastern Woodland Indians?
Long houses and Wigwams
Since there were no banks, where would you find a Native's money?
On their body in the form of jewelry.
Who called the people he found in the lands he discovered "Indians" because he thought he was in the Indies.
Christopher Columbus
Why did so many Native Americans settle in the Tidewater Region?
Because of the great natural resources such as fish, shellfish, and crabs.
In the winter months how did the Native Ameicans find food?
They hunted birds and animals.
In the Spring how did the Native Virginians find food?
They fished and picked berries.
In the Summer how did the Native Virginians find food?
They grew crops.
In the fall the Native Virginian's...
harvested and dried crops for food the rest of the year.
What material did native people who lived in the forest use to make their shelters?
Wood materials in the surrounding forests.