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Who lives next door to the Tolliver Twins?
Felicity Johnson
Who are the two most feared boys at school?
Tabu and Titan Tolliver
Who is Delia's English teacher?
Miss Benson
What is Delia's last name?
Who are the girls on Delia's double dutch team?
Yolanda Pepper, Charlene Byrd
What grade are Yolanda, Delia and Randy in at school?
eighth grade
What was the name of the book that Ms. Benson's English class was starting to read?
Lord of the Flies
How old was Randy?
14 years old
What channel was Randy watching when the Tolliver twins appeared on the show?
Channel 12
How old were the Tolliver Twins when their Dad died?
3 years old
Who was Yolanda's latest love interest?
How long have Yolanda and Delia been friends?
1st grade, 6 years old
What grade was Delia in when her parents got divorced?
4th grade
Who sponsors the double dutch tournaments?
The American Double Dutch League
How young and how old could one be to participate in double dutch?
As young as 3rd grade and as old as a senior 8-18
Who is the coach of Delia's double dutch team?
Coach Bomani
Who is the equipment manager of Delia's double dutch team?
Randy Youngblood
What is the name of Delia's double dutch team?
The Queen Bees
What does Randy's Dad do for a living?
He is a long-distance truck driver
How many jumps did Charlene make to get to the state tournament?
Who was the 4th person on the Queen Bee team?
When was the American Double Dutch League officially organized?
When was the 1st double dutch tournament held?
Valentine's Day, 1974
How long had it been since Randy's father had called?
Over a month
What is Delia's stepmom's name?
What is the name of the principal?
Mr. Lazarro
What is the name of the Cincinnati police officer assigned to their school?
Officer Bobby Brown (Officer Bob)
Where did Randy take his VCR?
Mr. Clifford's Pawn Shop
What is Randy's Dad's name?
Winston Youngblood
How much money did Mr. Clifford give Randy for the VCR?
three $100.00 bills ($300.00)
Why did Coach Bomani's wife call and cancel practice?
4 of their 10 children had the chicken pox
What did the tornado sound like?
Like a freight train thundering out of the sky
What disaster was the school hit by?
twin tornadoes
Who carried Yolanda out of the school building?
What kind of injury did the doctors say Yolanda had received?
a mild concussion
What place did the Little Bees take?
Second place
What place did the Queen Bees take in the Double Dutch competition?
1st place
Where was Randy's Dad?
A hospital in Columbus, Ohio
What secret did Delia have that she finally told her Mom?
That she couldn't read
What stop did Randy want Coach Bomani to make before he went to see his Dad?
To see Mr. Clifford
What grade are the kids in?
What does Delia plan to do when she learns her English class will be reading a new novel?
get the video
Describe Randy's phsyical stature (height and weight)
over 6 ft tall, 200 lbs
What is the subject of the tv show the Tollivers appear on?
Teens Who Terrify
How did Titan and Tabu's father die?
in a storm
Who named the twins?
their father
Why did the twins say they went on the tv show?
their mom bribed them
What reason does Delia give for how she covered up her reading problem in elementary school?
teacher parade
Why does Delia have glasses?
she faked the eye test
What is the name of the agency that sponsors the double dutch contest?
American Double Dutch League
What city does the story take place in?
What is Randy's job with the double dutch team?
equipment manager
What is the name of the girls' DD team?
Queen Bees
How does Bomani shame the girls into jumping faster and cleaner?
He out jumps them
At the beginning of practice Randy collects money from what fundraiser?
candy sale
How long does each jumper get during the doubles speed competition?
55 seconds
What novel is the girls' English class reading?
Lord of the Flies
What does Yolanda, Delia, Randy and Jesse's group decide to do for their project in English class?
a skit about modern day fears and lies
What new requirment is instituted for eighth grade jumpers to continue jumping in ninth grade?
they must pass their state proficiency test
What smell does Randy check for in his apartment that would indicate his dad was home?
cooking spaghetti
Where does Randy's dad keep the emergency stash of money?
in a shoebox in the bottom of the closet
Who is Jillian to Delia?
her stepmother
What does Yolanda bump into Tabu Tolliver's hand in the hallway?
What two changes does Officer Bob announce to the kids at the safety assembly?
metal detectors will be installed at the door and spot checks of lockers will take place
What are the three levels of Bees on the DD teams?
Queen Bees, Junior Bees and Little Bees
What does Randy try to pawn?
his VCR
How much does Randy ask the pawn broker for?
How much money does Mr. Clifford give Randy for the VCR?
Why does Bomani cancel practice?
four of his kids have chicken pox
What story does Randy tell Delia about where his dad has gone?
His dad moved to California and wants Randy to go there too.
Where did the Tollivers go when the tornado hit the school?
they ran out of the classroom and into the hall
Where had Yolanda gone when the storm hit?
to the restroom
Why does Mrs. Tolliver say the twins ran out when the storm hit?
they are afraid of storms
Who does Randy go home with after the storm?
What is Yolanda's injury after the storm?
a mild concussion
Why had the Tollivers been going to the DD competitions?
they both had crushes on Yolanda
Where does Delia see the photo of Randy's dad?
on a poster stapled to a telephone pole
What are the three rounds of the DD competition for singles and doubles?
compulsories, speed and freestyle
In addition to a trophy, what does each first place jumper win?
a red satin jacket
What happened to Randy's dad?
he was beat up, robbed and left for dead outside a truck stop in Columbus
What does Delia usually order in restaraunts?
hamburger and fries
What did Delia's mom fail to notice when Delia was 2 years old?
that her shoes were too small
Who does Randy stop to see on his way to visit his dad in the hospital?
Mr. Clifford, the pawn broker