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MCC viral meningitis
tx of CMV retinitis
deficit and finding in conduction aphasia
arcuate fasciculus -- poor repitition with good comprehension, fluid speech
what is kluver-bucy syndrome?
bilateral amydala lesion ==> disinhibition (sexuality, touching, licking), bulemia, memory disorders, flattened emotions
lesion in wernicke-korsakoff syndrome
mammillary bodies (b/l)
lesion of cerebellar hemisphere vs vermis
HEMISPHERE: intention tremor, limb ataxia; VERMIS: truncal ataxia, dysarthria
symptoms of basal ganglia lesion
resting tremor, CHOREA (flailing dance-like mvmts) and ATHETOSIS (slow writhing snakelike movements)
chromosomes implicated in alzheimer's
1, 14 (presinilin 2 and 1 respectively), 19 (ApoE4), 21 (APP - amyloid precursor protein)
MCC dementia in elderly (2)
1) Alzheimer's; 2) multi-infarct dementia
hemorrhagic consequence of alzheimer's
amyloid angiopathy --> intracranial hemorrhage risk
sx of pick's disease; where is the lesion?
lesion in frontal/temporal lobes ==> dementia, aphasia, parkinsonian sx
symptoms of parkinson's
TRAP (resting Tremor, cogwheel Rigidity, Akinesia, Postural instability)
what is werdnig-hoffmann disease?
"floppy baby" syndrome -- AR dz a/w degeneration of anterior horns (LMN); median death by 7mo
common findings in MS
relapsing-remitting course, optic neuritis, MLF syndrome (INO), hemiparesis, hemisensory sx, bladder/bowel incontinence; TRIAD (SIN): Scanning speech, Intention tremor, Nystagmus
CSF findings in MS
elevated IgG (multiple oligoclonal bands)
CSF findings in guillain-barre
elevated CSF protein with normal cell count (albumino-cytologic dissociation)
main symptom of guillain-barre
ascending motor weakness (minimal sensory impact) with autonomic dysregulation
mcc epidural hematoma
rupture of middle meningeal artery, often 2/2 temporal bone fracture
temporal progression of subdural hematoma
slow, like tumor (b/c rupture of bridging veins --> venous bleeding
MCC subarachnoid hemorrhage (2)
berry aneurysms, AVM
MCC parenchymal hemorrhage (5)
HTN, amyloid angiopathy, diabetes mellitus, tumor, charcot-bouchard aneurysms
with what dzs are berry aneurysms associated (3)
adult PCKD, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Marfan's
5 most common adult brain tumors
1) GBM; 2) Meningioma; 3) Schwannoma; 4) Oligodendroglioma; 5) Pituitary adenoma
characteristics of GBM
poor prognosis, "butterfly glioma" b/c can cross corpus callosum, most common primary brain tumor
characteristics of meningioma
resectable; most often in convexities of hemispheres and parasagittal region (arachnoid cells)
b/l schwannomas seen in what dz?
neurofibromatosis type 2
common consequence of medulloblastoma
compression of 4th ventricle --> hydrocephalus
most common location of ependymomas
4th ventricle --> hydrocephalus
common association, location and consequence of hemangioblastomas
von hippel lindau (if retinal angiomas present) / cerebellum / EPO production --> 2' polycythemia
findings in von hippel lindau syndrome
a/w chromosome 3p; hemangioblastomas/cavernous hemangiomas, increased incidence of RCC, can see adenomas, cysts of liver/kidney/pancreas
what diseases cause LMN lesion only? (2)
polio, werdnig-hoffman ==> flaccid paralysis
combined UMN/LMN lesions seen in what dz
whats spared in ASA occlusion?
dorsal columns, tract of lissaeuer
lesion in syringomyelia
anterior commisure -- crossing fibers of spinothalamics ==> b/l loss of pain/temperature sensation in the upper extremities
syringomyelia a/w what congenital defect?
arnold-chiari malformation
where are lesions in B12 deficiency / friedreich's ataxia?
demyelination of dorsal columns, lateral corticospinals, spinocerebellars
causes and findings of erb duchenne palsy
caused by blow to shoulder or trauma during delivery; "waiter's tip:" limbs at side, medially rotated, forearm pronated
role of common peroneal?
PED: Peroneal Everts and Dorsiflexes --> if injured, foot gets dropPED
role of tibial nerve?
TIP: Tibial Inverts and Plantarflexes --> if injured, can't stand on TIPtoes
role of femoral nerve?
knee extension/jerk ("FEMales can't play KICK ball")