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new churches are made due to a split in one church.
sold indulgences to raise money to rebuild the church.
Johann Tetzel
pardon from sin. given for especially great deads.
who thought that ceramonies dont make a difference, the only thing that leads to salvation is your own inner faith.
Martin Luther
form of thought that simple faith will lead you to salvation.
this is what they called luther's ideas that he wrote and posted on the church door.
95 theses
this was the meeting that the church had and decided to excommunicate luther
diet of worms
people that protested against the church.
divorced his wife bc she couldnt bear a boy
Henry VIII
who did henry VIII want to marry after his divorce?
Anne Boleyn
who denied Henry's request; pope at the time
Clement VII
this was the church Henry VIII created to grant his request; also known as the church of england
Anglican Church
what are the three factors for production
land, capital, and labor
the use of automatic machinery to increase production
what did the Bessemer process produce?
iron and steel
what american discovered a process to make rubber more elastic & usable?
Charles Goodyear
who placed stones carefully on road calling it a macadam road
John MacAdam
Who built the first battery
economic system in which individuals rather than governments control factors of production.
complete control of sale or production of a good or service by a firm
what do we call the alternating periods of economic prosperity and decline
business cycle
who argued that wealth was created by labor but the profit goes to the owners
karl marx
who made the telescope
who believed that everything had to be proven; everything had a logical explanation
Rene Descartes
who believed that conclusions should be made through observations and reputible experimentation
Francis Bacon
who named oxygen
discovered microscope and bacteria
Antoni van Leeuwenhoek