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Software programs that allow you to legally copy files and give them away at no cost are called what?
public domain
Compared with a traditional card catalog what is an advantages pf an electronic card catalog?
Allows sophisticated search strategies.
What is the function of a disk drive?
To read or write information to a floppy disk.
Telecomputing does not involve the transmition of what?
Which term refers to the speed at which information is telecomputed?
baud rate
What is uploading information?
sending information to a host computer.
the unit in which encryption key length or strength is measured. The more bits, the stronger the encryption.
A secret password, key or relative data.
The laymans term for the Internet or World Wide Web.
The legal rights pf an author to control the reproduction and distribution of his/her work including software.
A flat piece of flexible plastic covered with a magnetic coasting which is used to store data.
To move a file from a computer at another site to your computer over communications line.
Electronic commerce is business that is conducted over the INternet. Usually associated with buying and selling products online.
Electronic Signature
Using public key encryption to prove that the sender of a message is who he/she says they are.
Coding or scrambling electronic information to protect its privacy and confidentiality so that only the intended recipient or authorized user can read it.
End user
The final or ultimate user of a computer system and/or product.
A person who illegally gains access to a computer system.
The physical components of a computer system.
A computer network that spans a relatively small area.
A means of communication involving several media ie. printed matter and spoken word.
The illegal copying or use of software.
Privacy Policy
A statement of principles and rules by which an orginization engaged in online activities or e-commerce will protect the privacy of the indicidually identigiable information.
Computer instructions or data
Software Managment
The proper use of software to ensure compliance with the license agreement and copyright law.
A new version of a software or hardware product designed to replace and older version of the same product.
A computer network that spans a relitively large geographical area.
Step 1
Define the data base fields
Step 2
Choose the correct field type
Step 3
Type in the name of the field in the box and click done.
Step 4
Type in the required information in each individual record.
Step 5
To set up the record horizontally
a. Go to file and drag to page setup
b. make orientation horizontal and make the percentage 80%
Step 6
Go to Layout and drag to New Layout.
Step 7
Click on Columnar report - Click OK
Step 8
Click on each field name and click on move for each individual field - Click OK