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how can you cope with information overload?
specializing, limiting the searching, becoming selective, screening info
confirmation bias
the tendency to seek information that confirms our predispositions and to ignore or distort info that contradicts our currently held beliefs
false dichotomy
it ie either right or it is wrong, there is no in between
a conclusion about the unknown based upon the known is this
what is a general source of inferrential error?
faulty info base, limited info base
how can a competent communicator combat confirmation bias?
playing devil's advocate, gathering allies to challenge the bias, vigorously presenting disconfirming evidence, seeking disconfirming infor and evidence
the relationship between two or more variables
a group/team's perception that its tasks are important
information overload
when the rate of information flow into a system exceeds the system's processing capactiy
how can a group put their critical thinking abilities into practice to promote higher quality decision making?
caredully examine the validity of inferences
what should group members consider when developing goals for your group?
set clear goals, cooperative goals, challenging goals, commitment to goals
how does a group develop team identity?
uniforms, team talk
what is group think?
mode of thinking that people engage in when they are in a really cohesive group, strive for unanimity which overrides their motivation to alternative ideas, it isnt desirable
how can you avoid group think?
recognize group think as a problem, minimize status difference, seeking information that challenges
t/f information overload is a pervasive problem in virtually all decision making/ problem solving groups
t/f faulty info processing by a group will likely lead to low quality decision making
t/f a strong correlation means that you have actually found causation
t/f group think means that the whole group has finally agreed to the solution to the problem
t/f the primary situational variable that the leader must consider when adapting leadership styles to the specific group is the readiness of the followers