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What are the rolews of nonverbal cues?
1. Framing
2. Repeating
3. Contradiciting
4. Elaborating
5. Accenting
6. Regulating
What are the aspects of the environment?
1. Task Instrumentality
2. Pleasure
3. Security and Shelter
4. Shapes Social Contact
5. Symbolic identification
What is feng shui?
In practice, it refers to the Chinese science and art of creating harmony between in habitants and their environment
What is the process of perception?
1. Selecting
2. Sorting
3. Interpretation
What are the dimensions of human relationships in organizations?
1. Attraction
2. Dominance
3. Involvement
4. Situation
What are strategies for improving listening?
1. HEAR formula
2. Active listening
What is the HEAR formula?
H - helpful
E - empathetic
A - attentiveness
R - responsive
What are the types of problem people?
1. The Brick Wall
2. The Time Bomb
3. The Backstabber
4. The Glory Grabber
5. The Bully
6. The Manipulator
7. The Malcontent
8. The Power Junkie
9. The Energy Vampire
What are the causes of conflict?
1. Competition for rewards or resources
2. Interlevel Incompatibilities
3. Differences in Values and Goals
4. misinformation, misunderstandings, or Communication Breakdowns
5. Specialitis versus generalists
6. ROle Conflict
7. Interrole conflict
8. Status Conflict
9. Personal incompatibilities
10. Environmental Stress
11. Disagreements
12. Cultural differences
What is a study circle?
A face-to-face participatory process for involving large numbers of people from all walks of life in addressing public issues.
What are some styles of conflict management?
1. Avoiding
2. Forcing
3. Accommodating
4. Compromising
5. Collaborating or problem solving
What are the 3 basic interviewing strategies?
1. Directive
2. Nondirective
3. Combined Approach
What is the directive interviewing approach?
Establish the purpose of the interview and strive to control the pacing of the interview and the subjects covered during it.
What is the nondirective interviewing approach?
Allows the interviewee to control the purpose, the topics, to be covered, and the pacing of the interview.
What is the combined interviewing approach?
Interviewers plan several major questions in advance, but they allow for considerable flexibilty in the ways these questions are pursued by interviewers.
What is an open question?
A question that is broad in nature and basically unstructured.
What is a closed qeustion?
A question that is structured and restricted, and often includes several possible answers from which to choose.
What are the different types of interviews in organizations?
1. Information-giving interviews
2. Information-seeking interviews
3. Persusasive Interviews
4. Counseling interviews
5. Exit Interviews
What does Auditory Communicaton System Include?
* Loudness
* Pitch
* Rate
* Duration
* Quality
* Regulating
* Pronuciation
* Articulation
* Silence
What does the Visual Communication System include?
* Kinetics (body movements)
* Proxemcis (distance)
* Artifacts (how you decorate yourself)
What does the Invisible Communication System include?
* Olfactory (nose, odder)
* Chronemics (time)
* Tactile
What does the Verbal Communication System include?
the actualy words we use
What is the definition of interviewss in a professional setting?
* Transactional process
* Between two parties
* With a purpose
* Asking and answering questions
What is the primary purpose of an information giving interview?
The primary purpose of this type of interview is to give information, data, directions, and clarification
What is the primary purpose of an information gathering interview?
The primary purpose of this type of interview is to obtain facts, opinions, data, and feelings.
What is the primary purpose of job selection and placement interview?
THe primary function of this type of interview is to select membership.
What is the primary purpose of a problem employee behavior interview?
The primary purpose of this type of interview is to get an accurate perception of the employees' behavior with the goal of helping.
What is the primary purpose of a problem employer behavior interview?
THe primary purpose of this type of interview is for the employer or organization to receive the complaint and come to an agreeable solution.
What is the primary purpose of a problem solving interview?
The primary purpose of this type of interview is to analyze adn resolve shared concerns.
What is the primary purpose of a persuasive interview?
The primary purpose of this type of interview is to change the employees way of thinking, feeling, or acting.
What are the forms of electronic interviews?
* Telephones
* Conference calls
* Video Talk-Back
* Internet