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Being an audience-centered public speaker...
influences every step of the speech making process
presentations are examples of messages designed to...
Our beliefs, values, and moral principles by which we determine what is right or wrong are our...
Trying to determine what an audience believes or thinks about a speech topic is termed...
psychological analysis
Why would the following be an incomplete example of a preparation outline?

I. The status of our nation's blood supply has always been a problem.
A. The current status of our blood supply creates a bleak picture.
1. There is a deletion of blood bank supplies
There is only one subdivision used.
As audience members, if we prefer to listen to complex information that is interspersed with facts and details, we are...
content-oriented listeners
Shantal had a speech to prepare. She selected a topic, did her research, and sat down to draft the speech. She wrote out the introduction first, then wrote a version of the intro that she would use as a conclusion. Then she outlined the main points of the body of the speech. Is this a “textbook” way to organize a speech?
No; your text suggests to start with the body of the speech first, then go back and draft the intro
What type of listening style occurs when you want the speaker to get to the point and state what needs to be done?
Lateshiya was planning a dental hygiene speech for the third graders at Thompson Elementary. She would be telling them how to brush and care for their teeth in a ten to fifteen minute speech. This is a topic she is very comfortable with because she is the dental assistant to Dr. Smith, the local dentist. In order to select the appropriate topic for the time allowed, Lateshiya should consider
the audience, the occasion, and the speaker
Because much of our day is spent listening, there may be times we "tune out" when information is being sent to us. This process is called...
information overload
Lifting key passages from sources you do not credit in your speech is an unethical practice known as
In a speech about voting trends, Michael cited recent statistics, but made no attempt to appeal to the audience's sense of patriotism or to encourage them to vote more regularly.
What is Michael's general purpose in this speech?
to inform
An audience member is worried about an upcoming exam and is unlikely to remember much of what the speaker says. This is a type of...
internal noise
Collecting information about an audience concerning their age range, gender, and ethnicity is part of...
a demographic analysis
"At the end of my speech, my audience will be able to list the three different types of Reggae music," is an example of...
a specific purpose
A complete declarative sentence that summarizes your speech is know as the...
central idea
One way public speaking and conversation are similar is that both are...
What aspect of standard outlining procedure is violated in the following example?

I. The Rocky Mountains were formed in stages, over a long period of time.
1. Mountains are affected by geographic and environmental events.
2. Mountains provide a sort of "blueprint" as to what has occurred in a
certain region.
II. The Rockies are younger mountains than the Swiss Alps.
When you make a list of your own interests, and just begin writing as many topics related to these as you can think of without stopping to consider them, you are using a technique known as
Having the resources, information, and attitudes that lead to action in achieving a desired goal is...
For her informative speech, Abegail wanted to tell her audience what they need to consider when purchasing a new computer. Which organizational pattern lends itself best to this topic?
According to the authors, the most obvious purpose that you must accomplish in a speech introduction is...
to introduce the topic of your speech
Janetʹs introduction contained the following remarks: ʺHow many of you know someone who has tried to quit smoking, successfully or unsuccessfully? Have any of the smokers in this audience tried to quit? Well, if you have tried to quit and failed, you are among the 20 percent of Americans who have tried to quit multiple times. A few months ago I tried to quit, for the umpteenth time, but this time I made it. Iʹd like to tell you exactly how I made it.ʺ Which of the following statements is accurate about this introduction?
Janet has successfully combined introductory devices of questions to the audience, statistical information, and a personal reference.
What is most important when a speaker is communicating emotional feelings, attitudes, likes, and dislikes to an audience?
nonverbal communication
Using sensory information, or word pictures, which allows your audience to mentally see, hear, smell, touch, or taste something is a process known as...
In his speech about drinking and driving, David told the story of what happened to three friends of his. He went into detail about how they had been partying, how they wouldn’t let anyone sober drive them home, and how their lives ended when the car they were in wrapped around a tree in the middle of the night. What kind of supporting material did David use in his speech?
an extended illustration
This signpost may enumerate the ideas and points that will be presented in the speech. This signpost is known as...
a preview
In an introduction, you may ask a question that does not require a response but makes the audience think about your topic. This type of question is...
a rhetorical question
Joe is a former world weight lifter and professional body builder. He is preparing an informative speech on the abuse of steroids in physical fitness. Through his personal experiences, what quality can Joe add to the presentation of his speech?
In developing her speech on scuba diving, Rachael is trying to decide whether or not to tell the audience in her introduction that she has been a diver since she was Freshman in high school. She wonders if this will help or hurt her credibility. What textbook advice applies here?
Rachael should give a brief, credibility-building explanation of her experience with the topic.
The method a speaker uses to arrange her or his main ideas is termed....
the organization pattern.
When using brief illustrations, it is often stronger to use...
a series of brief illustrations
In her presentation to the school board about plans for the new physical fitness facility, Miss Anderson described the various workout areas, gyms, locker rooms, and physical therapy facilities. Which organizational pattern was Miss. Anderson using in her presentation?
In a persuasive speech, you compared stem cell research to abortion on the basis that they are both destroying human life. In this case you were using...
a literal analogy
When Gloria said, ʺSo we must all do something to end domestic violence; we must all be prepared to confront this issue in our own neighborhoods and homes, so that we become part of the solution, not part of the problem,ʺ you recognize this as...
a statement to motivate the audience to respond
Bianca began her speech with a vivid description of the typical waiting area in an emergency room of a public hospital. After completing the description, she began to discuss why emergency rooms have come to represent a critical problem within the health care system. What organizational pattern can you detect in Bianca’s speech?
What does your textbook advise regarding the use of hypothetical illustrations in a speech?
Make sure your audience knows from the beginning that your illustration is
When explaining the progress of molecular discoveries, Shanthani began by discussing Mendel’s 1866 studies about inheritance of biological traits in peas, ending with recent information about the human genome project. Which pattern of organization would best suit Shanthani’s speech?
When asked to deliver a speech at the last moment, the type of delivery style you will use is...
Leonard walked to the podium, made direct eye contact with the audience, then asked the audience: ʺHave you ever wondered what a hot dog is made of? Do you really want to know?ʺ What introductory device was Leonard using?
asking rhetorical questions
Boolean searches on the Internet...
help narrow your search
Given the task of preparing a speech, Susan decides to speak from an outline that can help her sound conversational and spontaneous. She wants to be able to adapt her remarks to the feedback she receives from the audience. She also wants to make more eye contact with the audience. What method of delivery will be best, given Susan's speech goals?
extemporaneous speaking
When it comes to public speaking, people have certain expectations as to how you should communicate. This represents the...
nonverbal expectancy theory
In his speech about registering to vote, Dan explains the new legislation that allows voter registration to coincide with driverʹs license renewal. But he concludes the speech by stating that any person who is not registered should go by several locations that he has listed on the chalkboard and register in time for the next election. Finally, Dan reiterates: ʺEveryone please register to vote; itʹs your right and your duty as a citizen.ʺ What aspect of effective conclusions has Dan utilized?
an appeal to action on the part of the audience
An anecdote is...
a brief entertaining story of illustration
T/F: A toast is a brief salute to a momentous occasion.
A renowned philanthropist and well-respected national speaker gave the commencement address at Audreyʹs graduation ceremony. He spoke of his concerns about rising crime rates for juveniles, of the problem of gang violence, and about crimes against women. Was this appropriate content for a commencement address?
No; because he didnʹt praise, inspire, or challenge the graduating class.
Routine summaries at meetings, reports to the board, sales pitches to clients, and training seminars for coworkers are all examples of...
workplace public speaking
You have been asked to present an after-dinner speech to a local organization; something lighthearted and funny. Youʹre not a naturally funny person, so this request unnerves you. What should you do?
Remember to relate to the audience, use simple humorous stories, have a broad
Martina is concerned about her introductory speech for the guest speaker at her banquet.
According to your textbook, what should Martina keep in mind?
She should introduce the topic and the speaker, briefly and accurately.
Godfrey was asked to be the commencement speaker at the local high school. In the speech Godfrey talked about his accomplishments, what he has been doing since his high school graduation 20 years ago, and his goals for the future. Unfortunately, this speech didnʹt appeal to the audience. Why?
Godfrey didnʹt praise the graduating class or have the graduates look toward their own futures.
The special-occasion speech, given at or near the beginning of a meeting or a conference, which sets the theme and tone is what kind of speech?
a keynote address
What should the speaker keep in mind when giving an acceptance speech?
Thank those giving your the award and comment on the significance of the award to you.
When offering a brief salute to a special occasion or person, you are giving...
a toast
At his best friendʹs wedding, Daniel gave a long toast in which he told funny stories about high school days, past romances including broken hearts, and his first impressions of his best friendʹs new bride. Was this appropriate, according to your textbook advice on giving a toast?
No; toasts should be brief and appropriate for the audience and the occasion.
When called upon to give an impromptu toast at a wedding,
let those gathered and the occasion dictate what you say.
The speaker talking about recycling said, ʺI took a beer bottle to the recycling center, but they wouldnʹt take it. They said: ʹThis is the pint of no return.ʹʺ What humorous verbal strategy did the speaker engage in?
a pun
At the monthly meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, a representative from a local tour bus company makes a presentation about the economic advantages for using her companyʹs services for visiting dignitaries. What kind of special-occasion speech is this?
a public relations speech
On the first anniversary of Ronald Reaganʹs death, the Reagan family and a group of close friends gathered at the Reagan Library to talk about Ronald Reaganʹs life and accomplishments. Then former President George H. W. Bush gave a brief speech at the occasion. What is the textbook term for this speech?
a commemorative address
These speeches are designed to inform the public, strengthen alliances with them, and possibly recommend policy to those outside the work environment.
a public relations speech
A special-occasion speech given to mark an anniversary of a special event, the completion of a long task, or high achievement in some field is...
a presentation speech
When you make a speech placing someoneʹs name in nomination for an office or award, what should you be sure to mention?
the nomineeʹs qualifications for this award or office
T/F: A keynote speech is a speech that sets the theme and tone for a meeting or conference.
Renton has been asked to present his colleague, Rebecca, with the ʺJournalist of the Yearʺ award. What is important for him to remember to say in this speech?
to briefly refer to the occasion and mention the significance of the award
A phrase in which the initial sounds of words are switched is known as...
a spoonerism
T/F: A presentation speech is a speech that officially recommends someone as a candidate for an office or position.
TF: Epideictic is another name for a ceremonial speech
Marianne was so blown away by the announcement that she had won an award that she felt numb on her way to accept it. When she got to the microphone, she began to ramble and then thanked everyone she could think of for voting for her and supporting her. The speech ran several minutes long and had no organization. Is this appropriate for an acceptance speech?
No; impromptu acceptance speeches should be brief, gracious, and as organized as possible.
A brief, accurate speech where the goals are to provide information and build another speakerʹs credibility is...
a speech of introduction
What two criteria are most important when making a speech of introduction?
Be brief and accurate.