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How many sergeants are there?
How many officers are there?
Who is the non-sworn police service assistant?
Marco. He coordinates the cadets.
How many student cadets are there?
What you would you do if on patrol on your own, and you came up to a bunch of drunk, rowdy men in one of the college parking lots?
Assess the situation first, call for backup as needed. Don't be a John Wayne.
What software does the COM police use to write reports, record incidents, keep records, etc.?
RIMS. It's also used by many of the central Marin agencies.
When were the college officers certified by POST?
How many patrol cars are on each campus?
Where does COM PD take detainees of 5150?
Unit B of Marin General.
What is the mission of the COM Police?
To enhance the educational process by providing a secure and safe environment through professional service to our college community.
The office of student learning used to be called what?
Academic affairs.
What are the three core values of the office of student learning?
Committment, value, honor.
Who is the Vice President of Student Learning
Anita Martinez.
Who is the superintendent / President of COM?
Frances L. White, Ph.D (educated administration from UC Berkeley, also a background in psychology).
Who is the President and VP of the Board of Trustees?
Wanden Treanor (P) and Carole Hayashino (VP).
What is the enrollment fee?
$26/unit. (It was increased in 2004-2005). The price can vary depending on the class.
The projected total general fund revenue is how much?
$51 million.
Where does the district rely on its core funding?
Property taxes.
Who is the police sergeant?
Darryl Kesecker
Can you name some other police officers?
Tou Moua, John Pinedo, Hugo Trevino, Stephen Anderson.
Who is the Vice President of college operations?
Al Harrison.
What are the three classifications of staff?
Faculty (instructors), classified, and administrators (directors).
How many buildings does the Kentfield and IVC campuses have?
Kentfield = 24 (77 acres), IVC = 22 (333 acres)
What is the name of the college newspaper?
The Echo Times.
What is Measure C?
The $249.5 million bond for facilities maintenance, job training and safety.
When did the college start?
1926. It was then known as Marin Junior College. It was renamed in 1947.
How many students are there on average per semester?
8,000, in over 1,100 credit classes.
When did COM merge with Indian Valley College?
The majority of student are F/T or P/T?
What are the percentages of men and women?
41% men, 59% women.
The average age of students is about...
35. For full-time students, it's 24.
What is the percent of minorities at COM?
How can someone pay for a parking ticket?
By phone, internet, or by mail.
What crime classification for someone for possessing lost, stolen or counterfeit parking permits?
No one may park in the free lot (#13) during what hours?
What CVC code grants the authority for the MCCPD officers to enforce ALL Vehicle Code violations on the parking lots and roadways within College District property?
23113A CVC
What is the speed limit in parking lots?
10 MPH