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Why was Roanoke Island established?
as an economic adventure
What was the first permanent English settlement in the New World and why was it established?
Jamestown was an economic venture established in 1607
Who established the Plymouth colony and why?
Separatists from the Church of England who wanted to avoid religious persecution
What colony did the Puritans establish for the same reason?
Massachusetts Bay Colony was settled by Puritans
Where and why did the Quakers settle?
Pennsylvania was settled by the Quakers who wanted to have freedom to practice their faith without interference.
Who settled Georgia?
Georgia was settled by people who had been in debtors prisons in England. They hoped to have economic freedom in the New World
What was New England geography and climate like?
Appalachian Mountains, Boston harbor, hilly terrain, rocky soil, jagged coastline, moderate summers, cold winters
What was the New England economy based on?
fishing, shipbuilding industry and naval supplies, trade and port cities, skilled craftsmen and shopkeepers
What was New England social life like?
Village and church was the center for the religious reformers and separatists
What made up New England political life?
town meetings