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What was the main goal of French colonization?(economic)
The main goal of French colonization was ...
What lands did the French colonize?
The French colonized ...
Why did Spain set up colonies in the New World?
Spain set up colonies in the New World because...
What were the goals of Spanish Settlers?
The goals of Spanish Settlers were to ...
What was the Middle Passage?
The Middle Passage was...
Why did Spain bring African slaves to America?
Spain brought African slaves to America because...
What were European nations competing for in America?
European nations were competing for ___________________________________________________________________________ in America
What government was set up in New Spain and New France?
The government that was set up in New Spain and New France...
How does the wealth of a country increase when the country gains colonies?
The wealth of a country increases when the country gains colonies because...
Who were the Conquistadors?
The Conquistadors were...
What is the equation presented in class to represent why colonization occured?
Land = Wealth = Power