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The Seven-Years War
Called French and Indian War. Struggle between Britain and France
Proclamation of 1763
End to French and Indian War, issued by the British - prohibited settlement by whites on Indian territory.
The Sugar act
British legislation trying to recoup money lost from French and Indian War, tax on sugar and molasses.
Stamp Act
British put tax on pamphlets, newspapers, commercial docs.
Townsend Acts
British tax lead, paint, glass, paper, and tea.
Declaratory Acts
Parliaments authority was the same in America as in Britain and asserted Parliaments authority to make lasw binding on the American colonies.
Coercive Acts-Intolerable Acts
Also know as Intoleable Acts, were a series of four measures passed by British, to retaliate incidents from Boston Tea Party, Port Act, Closed port to all fees were paid for loss.
Tea Act
Britian allowed British India Co. to sell teas to colonies w/out colonial tax, thereby undercutting the prices of the colonial merchants.
Quebec Act
Intolerable Acts - Bristish extended Quebecs borders to Ohio and Mississippi rivers. led to American Revolution.
The Sons of Liberty
Organization of colonist to opose the Stamp Act.
Boston Massacre
Between British troops and a crowd in boston. Troops killed five men.
Navigation Acts
English laws that required to use of English ships to carry English trade.
"The shot heard round the world"
Phrase from a poem about the Battle of Lexington and Concord. Encourage democracy.
Lexington Battle 1775
British and colonists that marked the beginning of the american Revolution. 77 minutemen to 700 british troops alerted by Paul Revere.
Concord Battle
300 patriots vs british and brits withdrew and marched back to Boston.
Valley Forge
Village of Pennsylvania - headquarters of the Continental Army under George Washington.
Battle of Yorktown
Union and Confederate Last battle of the America Rev War in the east
First Continental Congress
body of reps appointed by the leg of twelve north american colonies of great britain. Formed due to the Intolerable Acts.
Second Continental Congress
Sent Protest of Intolerable Acts to British governement
Articles of Confederation
Early U.S. Constitution un the government by the Continental Congress replaced by the Constitution. Gave congress power.
Declaration of Independence
Doc approved by the continental Congress that announced the separation of the 13 Norn American British colonies from Britain.
Treaty of Paris
Signed by Great Britain, France, Spain. Terminated the seven years war.
Benedict Arnold
General from Connecticut - Traitor of the American Revolution
Aaron Burr
The Vice President who killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel.
Paul Revere
American silvermith-Rev. Hero. Famous ride to warn of the British advance on Lexinton and Concord.
General LaFayette
French aristocrat and military officer. Hero in France and U.S. for the help in American and French Revolution. Made Honorary Citizen of U.S.
John Locke
Auth of Essay concerning Human Understanding - Philosopher. English
James Madison
The Father of the Constitution. U. S. President
James Monroe
President U.S. 1817-1825 Sent to France by Jefferson to negotiate the Louisiana Purchase.
Benjamin Franklin
Signing the Declaration Of Independence, Pub. Poor richards Amanac, serve as postmaster of phily, invetor.
George Washington
The first president of the U.S. "Father of his country" Fought Brits at Valley Forge.
John Adams
President 1797
Samuel Adams
Rev. leader, signed the Declaration of Independence, gov of mass
Crispus Attucks
Black rev war figure hero-first to die in Boston Massacre
Nathan Hale
"I only regret that I have but one life..." Rev War Figure
General Von Steuben
Lux passenger ship turned into an armed transport ship in WWII, named after a famous German officer.
George Washington
Led Continental Army to victory over Britain i the Rev. War (775-1783). 1st President of U.S. 1789-1797. Repulican Served two four-year terms.
Thomas Jefferson
3rd President. Author of Declaration of Indep.- Louisana Purchase 1803.
Andrew Jackson
7th President. Founder of the Democratic Party. Advocate of "Indian Removal" Started the process of Trail of Tears
Abraham Lincoln
16th President. 1861-1865. Led the defear of confederacy in the Civil War. abolition of slavery issuing his Emancipation Proclamation 1863 led 13th amendment. Gettysburg Address was a powerful speech.
Theodore Roosevelt
26th President- Comand during Spanis American War. Award the metal of Honar for war in Cuba-Rough Riders- Construction of the Panama Canal Shorten route between San Fran and New York - "Big Stick" slogan decribing u.s. president oppose European intervention.
Woodrow Wilson
28th President. 14 points in speech to blueprint end of ww1. League of Nations was an international organization to prevent war. Declare WW1--Moral diplomacy was for U.s. not to interfere with Foreign Affairs.
Franklin Roosevelt FDR
32ND President. 1933-1945 Only pres to serve more that two terms. Created the NEW DEAL TO PROVIDE RELIEF FOR THE UNEMPLOYED DURING THE DEPRESSION. Help in WWII defeat Germany.
Harry Truman
33rd Pres. First use of atomic bom, Desegregating the military
Dwight Eisenhower
34th pres. Alaska & Hawaii admitted to stathood,commander in WWII, pressure on soviet during cold War.
John Kennedy
35th President- Cuban missile crisis overthrow cuba, NASAcivil Unsportive in Cival Rights Movement supported Finally supported after Alabama students not allowed. south Vietnam.
Lyndon Johnson
36th Pres. after kennedy assasination - Design the Great society - liberal leg. for civil rights laws, medicare, Medicaid. Added 550,000 troops to Vietnam from 16,000
Richard Nixon
37th Pres. Resigned from office. Open relations with china. Watergate.
Ronald Reagan
40th President 69 Oldest Pres. Worked on u.s. economy rolled back tax on corp. comp.