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describ what a nebula is
a nebula is a large cloud of gas and dust molicules
what part do gravity and preasure work in a nebula
they are what make the nebula in the first place when they are in balance they cause the dust and gases to colect
how do planitesimals and comets help in the makeing of earth
when the crashed into earth they made it larger and made it so it had more gravity
how did gas giants and rocky planets turn out so different
The gas planets collected gasses and the rocky planets might have some gasses but a rocky planets probably god hit alot more then the gas planets by comets and asteroids.
in detail explain the formation of our solar system
well first gravity and presure where even and caused a lot of gasses and dust particals to collect. then the gravity or presure will go out of line. this is caused when two nebulas crash or a star explodes somewere nere by. this causes the nebula to start to start to spin and flaten out.
explain the solar system formation in detail
a solar system is made when a nebula flatens out and starts to spin this causes the dust and gases to start to stick togather and then they slowly start to grow util they are planets
explain rotation
is the rotaion of the earth on its axes
explain revolution
is the path that the planet traveles
explain period of revolution
our period of revolution is one rotation around the sun
explain orbit
orbit is the path that the earth traveles
explain the layers of the sun and wha they do
corona-is the suns outer atomosphere
cromosphere-is another layer of the atomosphere
Photosphere- the layer of the sun that we see normaly every day
convection zone- swirls the hot air.
radiative zone- is so crowded whith gases it could take millionsof years to get out
core- is the center where all the heat comes from.
explain what led to the conclusion that the sun used nuclear fusion
First they thought that it burns to stay glowing
then they thought it was shrinking releasing energy as it shruck then albert Einstine figured out that it used nuclear fusion
explain what happens on the suns surface
sun spots sun spots are cooler parts of the sun. the amount of sun spots each 50 years
the other thing that happens on the suns surface are solar flairs solar falairs are huge explosions from when a bubble of gas explodes causing brilaian shows on the earths atomesphere
how did earth come to how it is now
well first the comets and asteroids clided causing earth not to be a sphere as we know it now it could have been ovil shaped but it is a shere because gravity made all the eges curve in and make a circle
how did the layeres seperate
well the more dense matterioals sank to the near the center of the earth like zinc or copper went to the manttel or core
how did the atomosphere
first heydrogen and heliam were dominant and there werent any plants or living organisams then the ozone was built this made it posible for plants to become
where did water come from
comits crashing into the earth