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Language Aquisition 0-8 weeks
Discriminate native from non-native language, preference for mother's voice, preference for prenatal stories, reflexive crying & vegetative sounds
8-20 weeks
cooing/laughter, discriminate phonemes categorically
4 months
vocal play
6 months
declines in non-native phenome discrimination, pick out known words in nonsense streams, reduplicative babbling (mamama, bababa)
10 months
no non-native phenome discrimination, preference of words with native stress patterns, comprehend simple phrases like "give me a hug" and individual words, non reduplicative babbling
12 months
one word utterances w/ nounes some actions, semantic under and overextension
18-24 months
know about 50 words until word 'spurt', two word utterances like mommy juice, more cookie
2-5 years
word order and morphology, negation, questions, complex sentances
5 years
know about 8000 words with most basic grammer