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What kind of people are Mycenaeans?
People who settled on the Greek mainland around 2000 B.C.
What is democracy?
Type of government ruled by people
What was the Trojan War?
A struggle for control of a crucial waterway in the Aegean Sea which was totally fictional.
Who were the Dorians?
A new group of people who moved into this war-torn country.
Who was Darius III
He was a Persian King.
What was Colossus Of Rhodes?
A bronze statue that stood more than 100 feet high.
Who was Socrates?
One of the strongest critics of the Sohists.
Who was Plato?
A student of Socrates
What are Epics?
Narrative poems celebrating heroic deeds between 750 and 700 B.C. composed by Homer
Who was Homer?
A great storyteller who was blind