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(adj) having the characteristics of a man: manly, virile, strong, bold
sexual harassment
(n) unwarranted or unwelcomed sexual advances whether physical or verbal when coming from an authority to a person in a subordinate position. this term generally applies in work relationships
(adj) pertaining to a woman; like a woman: weak, gentle; belonging to the female sex
(n) a human being of the sex that produces sperm & fertilizes the female
(n) maleness or virility; male domination
sexual discrimination
(n) the act of descrimination against a person because of that person's sex
(n) a human being of the sex which becomes pregnant & gives birth to young
gender role
(n) values, beliefs & behaviors defined as acceptable for or even inherent in all members of one sex.

ex: man= "head of the household"
woman= "the jealous girlfriend"
(adj) (of a man) soft or delicate to an unmanly degree in traits, tastes, habits; womanish
gender bias
(n) showing a tendency in favor of one gender (sex) over another
1. Assertion that separate sexes exist
2. Assertion that if you know someone's sex, you know other things about them.
The idea that biological chromosomes code for other complex traits
3. The belief in the superiority of one sex over another
Fear, hatred of the opposite sex. This leads to misogyny (against women) and misanthropy (against men)
(n) synonymous with the word "sex"
(n) the doctorine advocating social & political rights of women as equal to those of men
(n) excessive devotion to any cause, especiall zealous & belligerent patriotism
(n) a particular tendency or inclination for one thing over another. bias is a feeling in favor of a thing/person, etc.
1) an adult female
2) the female human being as signifying all of female humanity
(n) a simplified or standardized conception or image of a group invested with special meanings. stereotypes assume that all members of a group are alike in one way or another
(n) any member of a movement teaching, legislating or pressing for an overtly & oppressively male-dominated society
(n) the fact or character of being either male or female; the sum of the structural & functional differences by which the male & the female are differentiated
(n) an unfavorable opinion about a thing/person, etc. usually formed beforehand and without knowledge, thought or reason. prejudice is usually a feeling against a thing.
(n) the act of assigning surnames as a derivative of the father's name

ex: Johnson as son of John
1) an adult male
2) the human individual as representing the species; the human race; mankind
(n) a form of social organization, as in certian primitive tribes, in which the mother is the head of the family, & in which descent is reckoned through the female line with the children belonging to the mother's clan
(n) the hatred of women
(n) a form of social organization in which the father is the supreme authority in the family, clan or tribe & descent is reckoned in the male line with the children belonging to the father's clan
sexual revolution
(n) a woman's movement arguing sexuality and sexual expression as women's prerogative and as apart from morality