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Describe two fish
symmetric block cipher that operates on 128 bit blocks in 16 rounds and can accept key lenghts of up to 256 bits
Describe the term pre-whitening and post-whitening
Twofish algorithm uses thes methods where additional subkeys are XORed with the plaintext before the first round and after the 16th round.
Describe the IDEA cipher
Operates on 64 bit plaintext blocks and uses a 128 bit key it applies both confusion and diffusion.
How many rounds does IDEA use
8 rounds
What is a common application of the IDEA cipher
Describe RC5
Block cipher of variable block size that encrypts through integer addition, the number of rounds is also variable
What is the key size range for RC5
What is the number of rounds for RC5
Describe RSA
asymmetric based on the difficulty of factoring large prime numbers
Describe Diffie-Helman
a method where subjects exchange secret keys over a nonsecure medium without exposing the keys.
Describe El-Gammal
Asymmetric non patented publich key cryptosytem that is based on the discrete log problem
Describe Knapsack
based on the problem of having a sset of items with fixed weights and determing which of these items can be added in order to obtain a given total weight.
What is the DSS
Digital Signature Standard allows the use of RSA or DSA
Describe MD5
takes a message of arbitrary length and generates 128 bit message digest
What is HMAC
a hasing algorithm that uses a key to generate a MAC.
What is a MAC
message authentication code, a type of checksum that is a function of the information in the message.
What is included in a digital certificate?
subject's name, subject's public key, name of the CA and the period of validity
What types of attack are LDAP servers vulnerable to?
availability and integrity
What does Version 2 of the X.509 certificates address?
name reuse
What does Version 3 of the X.509 certificates address?
provides for certificate extensions to the core certificates fields
What does Version 4 of the X.509 certificates address?
provides additional extentions
What are four types of certificates issued?
CA certs, End entity certificates, self-issued certs, rollover certs
The Escrowed Encryption Standard is covered under which NIST publication
What is Clipper Chip?
the governments key escrow standard that utilizes the skipjack secret key
What are two advantages of Identity Based Encryption?
the sender does not have to be online to obtain recipients certificate and mail can be sent to recipients who have not established a public key
In quantum computing a counterclockwise spin is used to represent what?
In quantum computing a clockwise spin is used to represent what?
What is an example of quantum computing used in cryptography?
Shor's algorithm
What is S/MIME?
Provides secure services to email in MIME format including: authentication through digital signatures, and the confidentiality of encryption
What is MIME Security Services Object
provides flexible security services by supporting different trust models in email
What is Secure Electronic Transaction or SET?
Developed by MasterCard and Visa to prevent fraud from occurring on financial transactions by encrypting the payment information
What makes us a a Security Association in IPSEC?
A Security Parameter Index, destination IP, and the identiy of the security protocol
What is a Security Parameter Index?
a 32 bit number that is used to distinguish among various SAs terminating at the receiving station
How many SAs are required for two way communication?
Two per protocol
What are the three components of SSH?
Transport Layer protocol, User Authentication Protocol, and a Connection protocol
What are the layers of the WAP
How many classes of security does WTLS provide?
What phases does a basic machine cycle consist of?
fetch and execute
What is pipelining?
increasing the performance of a computer by overlapping the steps of different instructions
Which is less desirable a complied program or an interpreted program?
A compiled program because malicious code can be resident somewhere in the compiled code and could be difficult to detect
C based languages fall into what generation grouping of languages?
3rd GL
SQL falls into what generation grouping of languages?
4th GL
What is the purpose of establishing a protection domain?
to protect programs from all unauthorized modification or executional interference
What is a trusted computing base?
the total combination of protection mechanisms within a computer system
What is a reference monitor?
a system component that enforces access controls on an object
According to the Orange book a Class B system is what?
Mandatory protection
According to the Orange book a class A system is what?
Verified protection
What is the Systems Security Engineering Capability Maturity Model?
based on the premise that if you can guarantee the quality of the processes that are used by an organization then you can guarantee the quality of the products and service generated by those services
What is the Access Matrix model?
supports directory access control because the entries in the matrix are at the discretion of the individuals who have control over the table.
What are the columns in the Access Matrix model called?