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What are the six basic security services to secure OSI communications?
Access Control
Data confidentiality
Data integrity
Non repudiation
Logging and Monitoring
What layers of the OSI model does TCP/IP generally operate in?
Transport and Network Layers
In the TCP/IP model what is layer is considered comparable to the OSI transport layer?
Host-to-host layer
What does the host-to-host-layer in TCP/IP do?
Provides reliable end-to-end communications, ensures error free delivery of the data, handles packet sequencing of the data and maintains the integrity of the data.
What are the primary host-to-host layer protocols?
In the TCP/IP model what layer most closely corresponds to the OSI Network layer?
Internet Layer
What are the primary Internet layer protocols?
In the TCP/IP model the Network access layer most closely resembles what layer(s) of the OSI model?
Ports that are dynamically assigned by the source host are usually some number greater than...
What is ARP used for?
To resolve a MAC address from a given IP
What is RARP?
To resolve an IP address from a given MAC
Which bytes on a MAC address identify the manufacturer?
The first three bytes
What is the primary function of ICMP?
To send messages between network devices regarding the health of the network.
What is BootP?
A successor to ARP, it allows a diskless workstation to obtain an IP from a BootP server.
What type of topology does Ethernet define?
What type of access method does Arcnet use?
token passing
What is an issue with the deployment of Arcnet networks?
node addresses of each station must be set manually during installation.
What physical topology is ARCnet?
Star/coax cable
In a token ring architecture what are all stations connected to?
What Ohm rating of cable is used for digital signaling?
50 Ohm
What Ohm rating of cable is used for analog signaling and high speed digital signaling?
True or False:
Coax requires fixed spacing between connections
How many Mbps is Cat2 rated for?
What type of networks is Cat3 cable used in?
How many Mbps is Cat6 cable rating for?
155 Mbps
How many Mbps is Cat7 cable rating for?
What is the maximum effective length of fiber cabling?
2 Km
What are the five common LAN topologies?
Where do dumb devices like repeaters and hubs operate at?
Physical layer
What protocol was developed to stop broadcast storms?
Spanning Tree Protocol (802.1d)
What are the five steps of transparent bridging?
What is distance vector routing?
uses RIP to maintain a dynamic table of routing information .
What does RIP base its routing decisions on?
Number of hops
What are link state routers?
similar to distance vector routers but they use only first hand information and maintain copies of other routers tables.
What is IGRP
A Cisco routing protocol that uses composite metrics including bandwidth, delay, reliability, loading and transmission unit to determine the best routing path.
What is a big difference between a router and a Layer 3 Switch?
Layer 3 Switches have optimized hardware to pass data faster.
Which is faster a router or a Layer 3 switch?
Layer 3 switch
What is the VLAN Trunking Protocol?
a protocol that allows switches use to communicate among themselves about VLAN configuration
What is a packet filtering firewall?
Examines both the source and destination address of the incoming data packet and then blocks or forwards that packet based on ACLs
At what layer of the OSI model do packet filtering firewalls operate?
Network Layer
What is a liability of packet filtering firewalls?
It doesn't keep a history of the communications sessions.
How does an application layer firewall operate?
Like a proxy server it examines the packets and masks the source IPs from the internal network. It operates at Layer 7 and can intelligently filter protocols and application use on the network.
What type of preliminary attack is an application firewall good at thwarting?
network probing
What type of firewall uses an inspection engine to maintian information in a dynamic state table and evaluate subsequent connections?
Stateful inspection
What is a dual homed host?
A type of firewall that has two NICS but no screening router
What is an important step to remember when configuring a dual homed host?
To disable automatic bridging/routing
What components make up a screened subnet firewall?
Two screening routers and a bastion host or proxy
What port does SOCK use?
What does it mean to be SOCKSified?
altering applications or protocols to use SOCK based network calls in lieu of standard network calls
What are the three parts of SSH
a Transport Layer protocol, User Authentication protocol, Connection protocol