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The section of the window, called ___, can consist of any number of columns or rows along the top or left edge of the window.
_____ prevents the data in the pane from scrolling as you move to different areas in a worksheet.
Freezing Panes
____ is a technique used to evaluate the effects of changing selected factors in a worksheet.
What if Analysis
The ____ tool is used to find the value needed in one cell to attain a result you want in another cell.
\Goal Seek
____ is a tool used to perform what-if analysis to determine the effect of changing values in two or more cells, called the ____, on another cell, called the ____.
Adjustable Cell
Target Cell
A workbook ____ is a workbook file that contains pre-designed worksheets that can be used as a pattern for creating similar worksheets in new workbooks.
The ____ feature controls what information can be changed in a workbook.
You can include a ____ that prevents any unauthorized person from either viewing or saving changes to the workbook.
The ____ feature displays all open workbook files in separate windows on the screen, making it easy to view and work with information in different workbooks (tiled, vertical, horizontal, cascade).
Window Arrangement
A ____ creates a connection between files that automatically updates the linked data in one file whenever the data in the other file changes.
The link between the workbook files is formed by entering an ____ in one workbook that refers to a cell in another workbook.
External Reference Formula
This workbook filed is called the ____. (relates to above answer)
Destination Workbook
The cell containing the external reference formula (the ____) refers to the cell (the ____) in the source file that contains the data to be copied.
Source Cell
The workbook that supplies the data is called the ____.
Source Workbook
A ____ is a graphic object that can be used to illustrate concepts and to enhance your workbook.
A ____ is a named set of input values that you can substitute in a worksheet to see the effects of a possible alternative course of action.
A ____ is a range of cells that is used to quickly calculate multiple what-if versions in one operation and to show the results of all variations in the worksheet.
Data Table
A ____ can contain one or more formulas, and each formula refers to one input cell.
One-Variable Data Table
An ____ is a cell in which a list of values is substituted to see the resulting effect on the related formulas.
Input Cell
Input values can be listed down a column ( ___ ) or across a row ( ___ ).
A ____ uses only one formula that refers to two different input cells, one column and one row oriented.
Two Variable Data Table
A ____ is a series of keystrokes and commands that are stored as instructions in a unit or ____ of Microsoft Visual Basic, a programming language.
A ____ is a graphic object that is designed to help the user interact with the worksheet.
The ____ automatically creates a macro by recording a series of actions as macro commands.
Macro Recorder
A ____ is a formatted worksheet with blanks spaces that can be filled in online on an individual computer or on a network.
The ____ checks to see if certain conditions are met and then takes action based on the results of the check.
IF function
____ are symbols used in formulas that compare numbers in two or more cells or to a constant.
Logical Operators
A ____ is a note attaches to a cell that can be used to help clarify the meaning of the data, provide documentation, or ask a question.