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brain of the computer; reads instructions and data from main memory, and writes data memory
processing hardware
includes the cpu and main memory
input, processing, output, storage
output devices
videa displays, printers
magnetic and optical disks
bit or binary digit
value of zero or one; used for computer data b/c they are easy to represent physically
special function card
added to computer to augment the computer's basic capabilities
8-bit groups
kilobyte (k)
collection of 1024 bytes
megabyte (mb)
1024K bytes
gigabyte (gb)
1024MB bytes
terabyte (TB)
moore's law
thenumber of transistors per square inch on an intergrated chip doubles every 18 months; keep in mind systems will increase in importance throughout career
volitile memory
data that will b e lost when the computer or device is not powered
nonvolatile memory
memory that preserves data contents even when not powered. with such devices you can turn the computer off and back on and the contents will be unchanges eg. magnetic
operating system
manage all computer applications
10/100/1000 ethernet
allow for tranmission at a rate of 10,100,or 1000 megabits per second
connect through telephone lines, internet connects through WAN, connect through a larger area,
provides you with a legitimate internet address, received communications from the internet and passes them to you, pays for internet
signal carried through phone lines
operate so signals do not conflict with telephone, high speed,
comes through cable lines...has box
box...takes in cable/phone line
mac address
serial number of ethernet card
ip address
id number for specific computer accessing the internet
licences other organizations to register domain names.
domain name system
converts user-friendly into IP addresses
systems developement
process of creating and maintaining information systems
major phases of systems development
system definition, requirement analysis, component design, implementation, and system maintenane