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what are the levels of CD62L and CD44 in naive and activated T cells?
naive: CD62L high and CD44 low
activated: CD62L low and CD44 high
what additional protein is seen on Tregs and what does it do?
FOXp3+, it is a txn factor that converts T cell into a regulator/suppressor cell.
Tregs are specialized whats?
Treg release of cytokines IL10 and TGF-B causes what?
decreases mac activation, dendritic cell antigen presentation, and cytokines released by TH1's. They also prevent maturation of naive T cells to TH1 cells.
What type of immune response is usually associated with autoimmune disease? (lack of Tregs)
TH1 response.
induced T regs are what? what is their cd25 status?
they did not leave the thymus as Tregs, but were later induced to express Fox3p+, thus they became Tregs. They can be positive or negative for CD25.
what are the proposed mechanisms for oral tolerance?
-clonal deletion of TH1's(no real evidence)
-clonal anergy (even though Tregs have co stimulatory receptors)
-Tregs maybe induced in gut
-TH3 response is also seen in GALT