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concur [verb]

ken kur
1] to agree

2] my parents finally concur that i can leave by myself after a long time of disagreement.
collaborate [verb]

ke lab e rat
1] to work together

2]my teacher asked if we can collaborate as a group and work together for the comprehension passage.
contemporary [noun]

ken tem pe rer e
1] a person living the same time period as another person.

2]me and my cousin were are contemporary because we are born on the same time and live together up to now.

dis kord
1] lack of agreement , strife

2] my dady did not sell his car to my uncle because because they was a discord ,lack of agreement between them two.
communal [adj]

ke myoo nel
referring to a community or to joint ownership.

2]our communal is so nice because the people in the community work together.
compatible [adj]

kem pat e bel
1]harmonius, living in harmony

2]my parents are so compatible ,they're always happy.
coherent [adj]

ko hir ent
1]logical , consistent, clearly reasoned

2]i think my brother said a coherent idea which is clearly reasoned.