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what are cinders
pebble sized particles
what are bombs
big particles
what is a pyroclastic flow
when a volcano hurls out ahes cinders and bombs
do long lived volcanoes erupt continously
what is an extinct volcano
unlikely to ever erupt again
what is a dormant volcano
a volcanp that isnt active but could become active
what is an active volcano
erupting or showing signs of eruption
do volcanic eruptions have to involve lava
what is a fountain of water that is heated by a nearby body of magma and rises to the surface called
a hot spring
what is a fountain of water and steam that erupts from the ground
a geyser
what is true about predicting volcanic eruptions
geologists cannot predict the type of eruption
why might people living near a dormant volcano be unaware of the danger
because there is a long time between eruptions
do volcanoes only cause damage close to the craters rim
what are four landforms created from lava and ash
shield volcanos cinder cone volcanos composite volcanos and lava plateaus