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What is a physical change?
A physical change is any change that alters the form or appearance of matter.
Give two examples of physical changes.
1) bending paper
2) painting something
3) change in state (solid, liquid, gas)
What is a chemical change?
A chemical change is a change in matter that produces one or more new substances.
Give two examples of chemical changes.
1) burning
2) rusting
3) cooking
What are table salt and table suger?
They are pure substances.
What is weight?
Weight is a measure of the force of gravity on you.
Will the mass and weight of an object change if you travel to the moon?
The mass of an object will stay the same if you travel to the moon but the weight will decrease because there is less gravity on the moon.
What is mass?
The mass of an object is the measure of the amount of matter in the object.
What piece of scientific equiptment do you use to measure mass?
The triple beam balance.
What units are used to measure mass?
1) grams
2) kilograms
What is volume?
Volume is the amount of space that matter occupies.
What are two ways that you can measure volume?
1) with a ruler (length times width times height)
2) water displacement
What units are used to measure volume?
1) liters
2) milliliters
3) cubic centimeters
What is density?
Density relates the mass of a material in a given volume.
What is the formula to get density?
The formula to get density is:
mass divided by volume
What is the density of water?
The density of water is 1 gram/cubic centimeter.
How can you tell if an object will sink in water?
If the object's density is greater than the density of water, the object will sink.
What are the chemical formulas for: water, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, table suger
1) water: H2O
2) carbon dioxide: CO2
3) carbon monoxide: CO
4) table sugar: C12H22O11
What is an element?
An element is a pure substance that cannot be broken down into any other substances by chemical or physical means.
What is an atom?
An atom is the basic particle from which all elements are made.
What are molecules?
Molecules are groups of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds.
What is a compound?
A compound is a pure substance made of two or more elements chemically combined in a set ratio.
What is a heterogeneous mixture?
You can see the different parts in a heterogeneous mixture.
ex: salad
What is a homogeneous mixture?
The substances in a homogeneous mixture are so evenly mixed that you can't see the different parts.
ex: lemonade
What is a mixture?
A mixture is made of two or more substances - elements, compounds, or both - that are together in the same place but are not chemically combined.