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3 bonding pairs and 1 lone pair
4 bonding pairs and no lone pairs
2 bonding pairs and no lone pairs
These values were obtained as the mass of products from the same raction: 8.83f, 8.84g, 8.82g. The known mass of the products from the reaction is 8.60g. These values are?
(c)both accurate and precise
(d)neither accurate or precise
What is the correctly reported mass of water based on the following data:
~mass of beaker and water=29.62g
~mass of beaker only=28.3320g

The measurement 39.56f represents this quantity's _?_ .

(a) length
(b) mass
(c) volume
(d) temperature
(b) Mass
Of the following,___ is the smallest mass
(d)all of the above have the same mass
(d) all of the above have the same mass
a pool is filled with salt water that has a density o 1.10Kg/L. Which single, additional piece of info. is necessary to determinethe volume of the pool?

(a) amount of salt dissolved in the pool
(b) the total weight of the salt water in the pool
(c)the density of pure water
(d)the conversion factor(s) from g/mL to kg/L
The total weight of the salt water in the pool