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An element's smallest particle is call an ___________.
The force holding atoms together is called __________________?
chemical bond
A material change producing new substances is called ________________.
chemical change
The process during which substances experience chemical changes is call ________________.
chemical reaction
The study of matter is called _____________.
A chemically-combined substance composed of two or more elements is called ____________________.
The measurement of the mass of a substance within a given volume is called _________________.
A metal strip that gains or loses electrodes during electrolysis is called an ___________________.
The process of breaking chemical bonds through the use of an electrical current is called _____________.
Any substance that cannot chemically or physically become another substance is called ________________________.
Symbol combinations showing element ratios in a compound is called ___________________.
A measurement system that gives mass, length, and time measurements is called _________________.
International System of Units or SI (for short).
The measure of an object's matter is called _____________________.
The combination of two or more substances that is not chemically converted to a new substance is called _____________________.
The combination of two or more bonded atoms is called a ___________________.
Name the two scientist in the text who contributed to our understanding of atoms: ______________________________.
Democritus and Dalton
A change altering a substance's appearance, without changing into a different substance is called __________________________.
physical change
A means of element identification using one or two letters ___________________.
The amount of space occupied by matter is called _________________________.
A measure of the force of gravity on an object is called _____________________.
A solid consisting of particles not having a regular pattern is called ______________________________.
amorphous solid
The temperature at which a liquid changes to a gas is called __________________________.
boiling point
Vaporization that occurs below a liquid's surface is called _________________________.
The inverse relationship between the pressure and volume of a gas at a constant pressure; when volume increases, pressure decreases is called ________________________.
Boyle's law
The relationship between the temperature and volume of a gas at constant pressure; when temperature increases, volume increases is called ______________________
Charles's law
The change in a state of matter from gas to liquid is called ___________________________.
A solid consisting of regular, repeating crystal patterns is called ___________________________.
crystalline solid
A change in the state of matter from solid to liquid is called ____________________________.
The temperature at which a solid changes into a liquid is called ___________________________.
melting point
A solid consisting of regular crystal patterns is called a ____________________.
crystalline solid
A term describing a variable relationship in which a graph consists of a straight line progressing through a point is called _____________________________.
directly proportional
A process in which vaporization takes place solely on a liquid's surface is called _______________________________.
A change in the state of matter from liquid to solid is called _________________________.
A state of matter without definite shape and definite volume is called _________________________.
A diagram (picture) showing the relationship between two variables is called. _______________________________.
A state of matter without a definite shape, but a definite volume is called ________________________.
A state of matter that has both definite volume and shape is called ______________________.
a solid
The change in a state of matter from solid directly to gas is _______________________________.
The measure of any substance's particle's average kinetic energy (Hot or cold) is called ________________________________.
The energy belonging to the particles of a substance created by particle movement or vibration is called ______________________________.
thermal energy
The change in the state of matter from liquid to solid is called ____________________________.
A term describing a variable relationship with a graph that forms a downward-sloping curve to the right is called a ________________________.
vary inversely
A liquid's resistance to flowing is called _____________________________.