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"the personality traits" of substances
physical properties
the inherent characteristics of a substance that can be determined without altering its composition
chemical properties
describe the ability of a substance to form new substances
physical change
changes in physical properties or changes in the state of matter without an accompnaying change in composition
chemical change
new substances are formed that have different properties and composition from the original material
passing electricity through the water in a process
chemical equations
a shorthand expression showing the reactants and the products of a chemical change
the starting substances
the substances produced
law of conservation of mass
no change is observed in the total mass of the substances involved in a chemical change
the capacity of matter to do work
potential energy
sotred energy. or energy that an object possesses due to its relative position
kinetic energy
energy that matter possesses due to its motion
a commonly used unit of heat energy
the SI unite of energy
specific heat
the quantity of heat required to change the temperature of 1 g of that substance by 1`C
law of conservation of energy
energy can be neither destroyed or created, though it can be transformed from one form to another