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What is the 10 Criteria?
Attention Getter, purpose statement, conclusion/summary, body-developed key pts, repeat key pts, transition stments, animation, examples, voice, use visuals effectively.
The purpose of an __________ presentation is to impart knowledge.
The purpose of a ________ presentation is to influence attitudes.
What is the purpose of the purpose statement?
to tell your audience what you wnat them to know
the main sections of a presentation are...
intro -- tell them what you are going to tell them
body --
conclusion -- tell them what you told them
what is the redundancy rule?
the concept of repeating a statement over and over for the purpose of memorization.
what are the 5 types of verbal support?
examples are..
brief illus. that back up a pt.
stories are...
illustrate a point by describing an incident in some detail.
statistics are...
numbers used to represent an idea
comparisons are...
making a point by showing how one idea resembles another
Citations are..
a way to let others of importance help you to make a point more effect than you could.
the power of visual in communication is
to make a presentation more effective.
-people remember 20% of what they hear and 50% of what they hear and see.
The head and heart concept is
informative is 80/20 head/heart
persuasive is 20/80 head/heart
what is the pareto principle
in life no matter what, there seems to be an 80/20 rule.
a rhetorical question is..
a question meant to insight thought not meant to be answered.