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Anti- German Sentiment
- unleashed after WWI
- Germans lost coltural pride and they were treated differently
- people afraid they were spies
- many Germans wound up changing names
African American Community
- migrated north to fill jobs previously taken by soldiers at war
- established themselves in the black belt community
Black Belt
- The community where african americans migrated to
- reached south along state street for more than 30 blocks
- separated african american culture from rest of the cultures
Great Migration
- When many african americans came to chicago
- came looking for better jobs, higher wages, and new freedoms
- between 1916-1919
Chicago Defender
- city's black newspaper
- founded by robert s. abbott
- spread ideas
- considered to be most influential black newspaper in pre-WWII america
Langston Hughes
- writer who grew up in black belt community
- wrote about how extraodinary it was to live there
- main source of entertainment
- brought people together in black and tan clubs... only places where races could be mixed
Oscar DePriest
- citys first black city council member
- elected in 1915
William "Big Bill" Thompson
- used WWI to his advantage> supported america first movement
- would use patronage to get vote (allowing people to hold offices in order to gain votes)
- many people wanted him out of office
Chicago Riot of 1919
- cultural race/discrimination
- started when eugene williams was killed by a white man
Eugene Williams
- killed by a white man throwing rocks... hit him in the head and he drowned
The Merchandise Mart
- one of the most impressive buildings downtown
- landmark in the loop
- prospered in the 1920's
Ku Klux Klan
- part of the nativist movement
- against anybody not anglo-american
- angry that there were new immigrants taking over their area
- banning alcohol
- selling, buying and consuming was illegal
- only made alcohol seem more valuable
Al Capone
- gang member who paid people to sell alcohol (sold through speakeasies)