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The influence of IG through the courts occurs through both...
initiating lawsuits and lobbying for certain judges to be appt to the bench
James Madison's solution actually contributed to the problem by...
fragmenting authority
Outside lobbying doesn't include the use of...
face-to-face exchanges
Theodore Lowi's theory
all are correct
Supporters of pluralist view of IG accept all but...
majority should always prevail in political dispute over a more intense and affected minority.
Easier to attract new members because of _______ in recent years.
assisted direct mail techniques
IG on policy benefiting sr. citizens would be an example of a...
single interest group
State and local govts
lobby in Washington DC, most effectively through organized representative groups of states and localities.
Lobbyists in Wash. DC....
have increasingly targeted the executive branch
A purposive incentive is defined as....
the opportunity to promote a worthwhile public cause.
According to James Madison, source of IG is...
unequal dist. of property
Flaw in pluralism theory is the fact that...
IG system is unrepresentative b/c some interests are far better organized and more powerful than others.