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To be successful in using financially based incentives to encourage online purchases, the incentives
should be meaningful to the visiting website and be changed periodically.
Faq stands for
frequently asked question
firms can reduce costs when customers order over the internet in the following ways except,
lower production costs in the manufacturing the product
the initial step most marketers take in developing a social network presence for a company is to
start a profile page and invite friend request
companies use interactive marketing to accomplish all of the following objectives except
develop sponsorship programs
the top global cyber shopping category for travel the second highest is
office, home and garden
to the established retail operation, e-commerce offers customers,
a place to obtain additional info about product, a place to locate the closest retail store where the actual purchase will be made, an alternative mode for making purchases
the following are online interactive tactics being used by companies except
guerrilla marketing
Free shipping, free freight, and dollar discounts are examples of which type of incentives that can be used to encourage online shopping?
advertise on another company's newsletter can help
create brand awareness and drive traffic to the website
Posting a firms web address on a shopping bag used to carry merchandise sold at a brick and mortar store is a form of
brand spiraling
the component of an e commerce site is used to hold products that have been chosen for purchase is a
shopping cart
the high usage of search engines to locate products, brands, and companies has led to change in the web design, primarly
designing each page fully because individuals may be sent to any page on the web page
the top global cyber shopping category is
computer hardware?software
The most frequent reason given for choosing a particular method of researching a product, such as google, was
it is easier
in terms of new product adoptions, consumer generated reviews and discussion can be important vehicles reaching
early majority
the development of marketing programs that create interplay between cunsumers and businesses rather than simply sending a messages to potential customers is
interactive marketing
brand spiraling is using
traditional media to promote and attract customers to a website
credit card companies such as visa and mastercard, have recently created ads about
payment systems with high level security
all of the following are problems faced in international e commerce except
currency foreign exchange capabilities
the component of an ecommerce site used to display goods or services listed for sale is the
a growing form of e commerce in the B2B sector is
online exchanges and auctions
a financial incentive may cause a consumer to switch to e commerce, a value added incentive is designed to
change purchase habits more permanantly
companies can speed up the process of SEO with paid search insertions by
registering with various search engines in order to have the site indexed
the ecommerce that has strong ramifications for the ultimate success of e commerce is
changing purchasing habits
the benefits to manufacturers for measuring the impact of POP displays with POS data obtained from retailers include all of the following except
helps manufacturers to know when to move or withdraw a POP display from a retail store
according to the word of mouth marketing association, the practice of using company employees agency employees to pose as customers is
unethical unless the person is upfront and clearly identifies himself or herself as being with the company
the primary disadvantage of video game ads or product placement is
the ad or product placement becomes static and is no longer noticed
the most common reason retailers do not use point of purchases displays furnished by
inappropriate for the channel
the newest trend in escalator ads is to places ads on
the steps
budgets for product placements and branded entertainment have increased for the following reasons except
seeing brands used in movies and television shows intensified the desire to purchase the brand
buzz, or word of mouth, marketing can be generated in the following ways, except:
companies developing user generated ads or blogs
guerrilla marketing would include all of the following characteristics, except
a national campaign
POP stands for
point of purchase
the integration of entertainment and advertising by embedding brands into the storyline of a movie, television show, or other entertainement medium is
branded entertainment
a paintball "cat shoot" designed to raise funds for the local humane society while attracting attention and customers is an example of
guerrilla marketing
buzz marketing can be compared to a virus. the incubatin stage
involves the product being used by a few innovators or trendsetters
the goal of alternative media programs is to identify
new places were a consumers path intersects with a brand presence
when red bull launched its drink int he USA, competitors were
slow to react
the best most effective POP displays utulize the following techniques, except
integrate the brands image with the retailers branding theme
in game brand placement in video has of the advantages of product placement and branded entertainment in addition it has added benefit of
lifestyle marketing
involves identifiying marketing mehtods associated with the hobbies and entertainment venues of a target market
the best most effective effective POP displays utulize the following techniques except
use corrugated cardboard for the display
contacting consumers at places such as farmers market, bluegrass fests, city wide sales is
lifestyle marketing
all of the following concepts are associated with guerrilla marketing except
designed to obliretate the competition
the concept of guerilla marketing was created by
Jay conrad levinson
the ultimate demonstration of brand loyalty and brand devotion is
branded community
guerilla marketing is
not as much a method of marketing as a mentality or approach to marketing
red bull's entry into the US is viewed by experts as classic use of
alternative and buzz marketing
red bull was first launched in
the secrets to developing customer loyalty include the following except
to optimize permission marketing firms must grant customers empowerment which means customers
believe they have power throughout the entire relationship, not just at the beginning
adding geographic codes to customer records to plot them on a map is called
in devloping a CRM program the share of customer term refers to
the potential value that could be added to given customers lifetime value
since 1853 levi's has operated under the following principles except
a company uses lifetime value to segment their customers into five different segments, the marketing apprach that should be used for the top segment, which has the highest has the lifetime value is
reward them for their patronage
an operational database contains
the transactions individuals have with a firm and follows accounting principles
the two primary metrics of CRM are
lifetime value of customers and share of consumers
to maintain positive attitudes in a permission marketing program, consumers must be given rewards along the way doing so creates the feeling of
a useful metric for evaluating members in a frequency program is
RFM analysis
outboard direct response telemarketing is most successful when
it is tied into a database and either customers or prospects are being called
in calculating the lifetime value of a market segment the figures that are more difficult to obtain and are contained only in the marketing database are
retention rates and purchases per year
RFM analysis refers to the use of the following except
data mining can be used for each of the following purposes except
develop profiles of customers who tend to purchase competing brands
in determining lifetime value, customer acquistion costs are determined by
dviding the total marketing and ad costs by the number of new customers
many marketing experts believe calculating the lifetime value of a market segment is superior
it sums cost across a market segment
haley often purchases clothes from the VF corp online. on her birthday the VF corporation sends her an email card with a voucher this is
the primary advantege of segmenting customers by lifetime value is
the oppurtunity to develop a differernt marketing program for each segment
the direct marketing technology that allows for customized printing of material is called
digital direct to press
to optimize permission marketing programs firms must feature
empowerment and reciprocity
two common forms of database coding are
lifetime value analysis and RFM analysis
the key reason many CRM programs failed was
a focus on sale rather than enhancing relationships with customers
the following are examples of data mining except
target identifying what other retail stores customers use for particular purchases
the primary reason for building a database, coding the information, and mining the data is to use the output to
establish one on one communication with each customer
in RFM analysis F refers to frequency which is the
number of purchases within a specific time period normally a year.
A coupon on a 2 liter of pepsi, offering 1 off on a bag of patato chips, is which type of coupon?
cross ruffing
offering financial incentives to channel members in order to motivate them to make a purchase is a
trade allowance
regional or specialty trade shows would be better than a large, national wide show for all of the following goals except,
enhance a firms brand or corporate name
the primary disadvantage to a retailer using diversion is
additional shipping costs
rewards given as contest prizes to brokers, retail salespeople, retail stores, wholesalers, or agents are part of a
trade contest
the two primary goals of contests and sweepstakes are to
encourage customer traffic and boost sales
when provided with an offer of a 10% discount to purchase 10,000 electronic calculators within 30 days, target buys 30,000 instead to take advantage of price calculatorto consumers at a discount during the special sale, but additional calculators will need to be sold after sale this is called
forward buying
if customer promotions are used, high image brands should focus more on
franchise building promotion
a coupon placed inside package to be used for a later purchase is called a
bounce back coupon
each of the following statements about sweepstakes are true except,
requires a purchase to enter
each of the following are important keys to building a successful premium program except
select premiums that are highly popular and current fads
a toy placed inside a box of cereal is an example of a
in package premium
when a retailer purchases a product on deal in one location and ships it to another where it is off deal, the process is known as
a diversion
in a trade show a buyer browsing and trying to learn about products from a series of competitors is a
education seeker
with a premium customers
recieve a gift or prize for making a purchase
andy will not purchase a computer unless the manufacterer ofers a rebate, this an example of which of the following problems associated with refund and rebate progams?
diminished effectivness
the primary disadvantage of sampling
cost of producing and distributing the sample
price based consumer promotions are normally designed to
attract new customers and to build sales
a pda given as a gift for test driving a car is an example of a
store or manufactorer premium
the major source of counterfeiting is now
printing and selling bogus e coupons over the internet
the primary vehicle for distributing print coupons and coupons in general is
free standing inserts
retailers benefit from coop advertising in all of the following ways except
recieving money in advance to cover costs of ads
a gift given by the retail store when the customer purchases a product is a
store or manufacterer premium
each of the following are problems associated with trade allowance except
increased advertising costs
a consumer who only purchases his or her fav brand is
brand loyal
for contest and sweepstakes what is the difference between extrinsic and intristic value in prizes
extrinsic value of attractivness of item, intristic involves playing or participating
what are the main type of trade allowances?
off invoice encourages financials discounts, slotting fees are funds paid to retailers to stock new products, exit fees are monies paid to remove item from retailer's inventory
name the various forms of sampling
in store distribution, direct sampling, response samples, media samples, pro samples
how can a company build a successful premium program?
match premium rival, reinforce image, tie premium to products, high quality premium, use IMC approach
what are the disadvantages of trade allowances
keep allowance and not passing to consumers, forward buying, diversion of mistaken mailing of item