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What is tapestry
a decorative wall fabric that is painted, embroidered or woven with colorful oriental designs.
What did Bishop Odo do?
He is the one that commissioned the illustration of William the Conquerors invasion of England in 1066.
Why did the Knights start the crusades.
The knights went out to change everything from muslim back to christian, because jesus said so.
Main art style
What was on the famous tympanum?
Jesus and his disciples
What is a tympanum?
Artwork above a door.
Steps to making stained glass.
Glaze...Cut out glass...Lead Filling to bond it together.
What countries were involved in the Plague?
Italy, France, England, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
7 countries
Most important colors back then
Red and Blue
How much of the population did the plague kill?
How long did it take to build Chartres Cathedral?
400 years and its not totally finished still.
What is the only thing french artists could do back then?
Manuscript Illustration
What is the key concept in gothic art?
How tall is the tower on the salisbury cathedral?
Who was know for very realistic artwork?
Who was considered the godfather of gothic architecture?
Abbot Suger
When was the Cathedral of Rems built?
Late 1200's
When was the Cathedral of Piza built?
When was the town hall at Louvain made?
15th Century or 1400
When and where was the cathedral of cologne built?
Germany, 1248