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absolute threshold
smallest amount of physical energy that can be readily detected
detection of physical energy emitted or reflected by physical objects
process b which the brain organizes and interprets sensory information
sense receptors
specialized cells that convert physical energy in the environment or the body to electrical energy that can be transmitted as nerve impulses to the brain "scouts"
sensory nerves
in perhipheral nervous system tramit what the receptors detect

"field officers" those impulses go to brain
doctrine of specific nerve energies
the principle that different senory modalities exist because signals received by the sense organs stimulate differenet nerve pathways lead to different areas of the brain
psychophysicists study ______
how strength and intensity of a stimulus affects the strength of sensation in an observer
difference threshold
smallest difference in stimulation that can be reliably detected by an observer when two stimuli are compared
signal-detection theory
psychological theory that divides the detection of a sensory signal into a sensory process and a decision process
sensory adaptation
reduction or disappearance of sensory responsiveness when stimulation is unchanging or repetitious
sensory deprivation
the absence of normal levels of sensory stimulation
condition in which stimulation of one sense also evokes another (letter b--->brown color)
selective attention
the focusing of attention on selected aspects of the environment and blocking out others (cocktail party)