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Privy Council
A body of some thirty to forty advisers appointed by and responsible solely to the king. The Privy Council became the first agency of colonial supervision.
Limitation and exploitation of colonial trade by an imperial power.
Enumerated goods
Certain specified goods from the Colonies, including tobacco, cotton, sugar, and furs, which were to be shipped only to England or other English colonies.
Dominion of New England
Consolidation into a single colony of the New England colonies and later New York and New Jersey-by royal governor Edmund Andros in 1686; dominion reverted to individual colonial governments three years later.
Sir Edmund Andros
Royal governor of the Dominion of New England.
Jacob Leisler
A German immigrant who became governor of New York from 1688 to 1691 before being hanged for treason. He was later exonerated of all charges.
Contact theory of government
Idea that people were endowed with certain natural rights to life, liberty, and property, set forth by John Locke in his Second Treatise.
Writs of assistance
One of the colonies’ main complaints against Britain, the writs allowed unlimited search warrants without cause to look for evidence of smuggling.
Admiralty Courts
Courts wherein the cases were decided by judges appointed by the governors, rather that by a colonial jury.
Board of Trade
British overseer of all matters pertaining to colonial trade and laws.
Salutary neglect
So-called system by which the Board of Trade became chiefly an agency of political patronage and lax in its enforcement of trade relations.
To adjourn or recess.
People of mixed Indian and European ancestry.
Samuel de Champlain
French explorer and governor of New France until his death in 1635.