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what was ironic about FDR's platform against Hoover?
He was againt Hoover's spending however, he spent WAY more than Hoover
what did FDR to calm down the public fear of losing their money after being elected in 1932
He ordered a nationwide banking holiday to eliminate bank w/drawals. he commenced the three R's. relief recovery, reform
what act insured Federal deposits up to 5000$
Glass-Steagal Banking Reform Act
how did FDR achieve controlled inflation
he ordered the nation off the gold standard, and ordered congress to buy gold at increasingly higher prices.
what provided employment in government camps for over 3 million men
The CCC--Civilian Conservation Corps
what helped farmers meet mortgages
AAA-Agricultural Adjustment Act
what financed mortages on non farm homes
HOLC- Home Owners Loan Corporation
what was established in 1933 and expected to only provide temporary jobs for the winter emergency
CWA---civil works administration
who advocated the "Share the Wealth PRogram" he said that everyone was going to receive 5000$ from the rich
The Share The Wealth Program was advocated by Huey P. Long
who said that the senior citizens should receive 200$ each month unless they couldnt spend it
Dr. Francis Townsend
what was the WPA
IT was the Works Progress Adminstration and found jobs for needy highschool/college students
what amendment repealed the 18th amendment (prohibition)
the 21st amendment
In what year was the AAA killed by the SC
what paid farmers to plant soil conserving crops/let their lands lie fallow
Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act of 1936
what book portrayed the Dust Bowl
The Grapes of Wrath
what did John collier seek to do
Collier, commissioner of the indian affairs. he wanted to to reverse the forced-assimilation policies
what was the reorganization act of 1934
it encouraged tribes to preserve their culture
what made mandatory the offering of info to show the soundness of stocks/bonds
the federal securities Act
what stimulated the building industry thru small loans to householders
Federal Housing Adminstration
What did the US Housing authority do?
it was designed to lend money to states/communities for low cost construction. this was the 1st time slums stopped growing
what was the Wagner Act
The NLRA guaranteed workers the right to join unions without fear of management reprisal. It created the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to enforce this right and prohibited employers from committing unfair labor practices that might discourage organizing or prevent workers from negotiating a union contract.
what amendment cut down the lame duck period to 6 weeks
the 20th amendment
who was Justice Own Roberts
a former conservative who switched his view to vote FDR's way
what economic belief did FDR finally embrace
Keynesian economics. stimulate thru deficit
London economic conference
the US ditched it cuz we didnt want a universal stable currency. we only cared about ourselves
what act provided Phillippine independence w/in 12 years
the Tydings-McDuffie Act of 1934
in what year did FDR recognize the Soviet Union
in what year were the reciprocal trade agreements passed?
when was the rome-berlin axis formed
what prompted the neutrality acts
the fear of war,isolationism and the belief that greedy munitions sellers only wanted war
what was the quarantine speech in 1937 about??
quarantine the aggressors
what happened in 1937 w/japan that almost caused conflict and ended up upsetting Japanese militarists
the japs sunk of our ships but paid the proper indemnities so japs beat Americans in China.
when was the Soviet Union-Ger. non agression pact signed?
August 23,1939
What conference decided that hitler could have part of czechoslovakia
The munich conference
how did we help the allies
Cash N Carry, Lease N Lend
when did the phony war end (time of no action)
it ende3d in 1940 when hitler attacked Denmark and Norway
what happened at the battle of Dunkirk
after the french were beate the Brits successfully w/rew from Dunkirk, a french port.
what was the committe for the isolationists
America First committee-- we must not help others. we have to save our strength for the final battle
what did we recieve for giving Britain 4 destroyers left over from WWI
we gained 8 vital defensive bases which would remain ours for 99 yrs
was FDR nominated in 1940
when did the germans cease to not attack aMerican ships
after we passed the Lend LEase act