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land revieving 30 cm of rain a year temp.s vary widely.
a costal biome domiated by dense evergreen shrubs. the winters are mild and rainy and summers hot and dry.
temperate grasslands-
biome characterized by deep ,nutriments -rich that supports a variery of of grass species and other plants.
temprate decidous forest-
very cold forests
coniferous forest-
cone bearing evergreen forest.
cold area with high winds no green hardly.
premtly frozen subsoil.
photic zone-
shallow water close to the shoremake up.
microscopic algae
aphotic zone-
deep murky of a lake where high light levels are too low to support photosyntheis.
benthic zone-
the bottom of any aquatic ecosystem.
streams and rivers that merge with ocean.
pelagic zone-
open water above the ocean floor.
interidial zone-
area of shoe between the high-tide and low-tide and exopsed to the sun and dying winds during low-tide.
neritic zone-
area of the ocean from the low-tide line out to the edge of the continental shelf.
oceanic ocean-
vast open ocean from the the edge of the continental shelf outward.
microsopic animals that swim or drift near the surface of aquatic environments
hydrothermal vents-
spots on the ocean floor where hot gases and minerals escape from earths interior into the water