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What exempted farmers from antitrust legislation
Farmers Block/ Capper-Volstead Act
Coolidge was elected in what year?
In 1924
Progressive group--1924
led by senator LaFollete from Wisconsin they called for government ownerhsip of the RR, relief for farmers and they were against labor injunctions
what was the Dawes plan of 1924
It scheduled german reparations and made available more loans to them
what helped Hoover to be elected
his opponent, Alfred Smith was a wet,Roman Catholic whose voice annoyed its radio listeners
What set up the Federal Farm Board
The Agricultural Marketing Act of 1929
What did the Federal Farm Board do?
The Federal Farm Board lent money to farm organizations that buy, sell and store agricultural surpluses. It also created the gRain Stabilization corp. which tried failed to bolster prices by buying surpluses
what tariff was raised to 60%, was hated by the foreigners and killed trade
The Hawley-Smoot tariff of 1930
what was the reconstruction finance corportation about?
It was a government lending bank that was meant to provide indirect relief by assisting insurance compaoines, RRs , and banks
what outlawed antiunion contracts and forbade courts to issue injunctions on worker strikes
Norris La Guardia
Stimson doctrine
It refused to recognize acquisitions by force i.e. Japan closing the open door after seizing Manchuria
what did it refuse to recognize