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What happened in the election of 1912
The Democrats chose Wilson and the Republicans split between TR and Taft
what was the New Freedom
It was a program that called for stronger antitrust legislation, banking reform and tariff reductions. It favored small enterprise, entrepreneurship, and the function of unregulated/unmonopolized markets. Democrats also shunned welfare and pinned economic faith on competition
What Theories did Herbert Croly write about in The Promise of the American Life?
Tr&Croly believed in theories that favored consolidation of the trusts, paralleled by the growth of regulatory agencies
what was the triple wall of privilege that wilson wanted to kill after being elected in 1912?
1) tariff 2) banks 3)trusts
how as the tariff killed?
It was killed by the Underwood Tariff bill which reduced rates to 27%. It also enacted the graduated income tax (16th amendment)
The financial structure depended on a Civil War banking Act which was inadequate. what was done to remedy this
Aldrich, a republican senator in 1908 investigated the matter and concluded that a 3rd national bank was needed
what was the federal reserve Act of 1913
It was a nationwide system of 12 regional reserve districts, each with its own bank
How were the trusts weakened
The Federal Trade Commission act of 1914 llowed a presidentially appointed commision to search industries engaged in interstate commerce, and expected to root out unfair practices.
How were the trusts weakened
The Federal Trade Commission act of 1914 llowed a presidentially appointed commision to search industries engaged in interstate commerce, and expected to root out unfair practices.
what act promised the Filipinos independence as soon as they had a stable govt.?
The Jones Act of 1916
what amendment provided for direct election of the senators?
17 amendment
what were the Causes to WWI
1) alliances 2) militarism 3)nationalism 4) imperialism 5) murder of the Austria-Hungary heir..
what helped bring the US into to the war?
1)Zimmerman note(note from Ger. foreign secretary that tried to tempt Mex. in2 helping by offering them recovery of their lands)
2)German U-boats
3) Committee on Public Information, headed by George Creel
who headed the committee of Public Information
George creel
what act was passed in 1917 that targeted anti war socialists and radical IWW.
The Epsionage Act of 1917 had Eugene V. Debs jailed for 10 years in 1918
what case supported the legality of revoking the freedom of speech if it presented a clear and present danger to the US
In 1919 Schenck V. US was passed and it made revoking the freedom of speech ok in certain situations
What counsel was set up to study problems of economic mobilzation for the war.
Council of national defense
Bernard baruch was in charge of what board?
Bernard Baruch was in charge of the War Industries board which made sure that any unemployed male was immediately drafted. "Labor will win the war"
How Did the women in the 20th century protest against the war?
They followed Alice Paul and created that National Women's party which demonstrated against Kaiser Wilson. They did this thru hunger strikes and marches.
what benefit did the war give women?
The war gave women suffrage in 1920 with the 19th amendment
Herbert Hoover, head of the food Administration had already been famous for what?
He was already renown for organizing a successful food drive for war racked/starved Belgium.
Hoover was pro voluntary compliance which was seen in "wheatless wednesdays." This spirit of self-denial led to what
It led to the Prohibition which was passed by the 18th amendment
what did the conscription do?
it drafted men but exempted men from key industries, it also didnt allow draft dodgers/substitutes
During WWI what was General Pershings objective
1)Cut the german lines aiding the Western front.
What happened at the battle of the Meuse-Argonne
It lasted 47 days& 10% of the Americans involved died. The germans were being deserted by their allies, and they were being suffocated by the British blockade
Japan had threatened to walk out of the peace conference. What made them stay?
Wilson said they could have the German Shandong holding
When did the Red Scare occur?What were reactions to it
The Red scare took place in 1919-1920. It resulted in a re-emergence of the KKK, criminal syndicalism laws which made social change thru violence illegal, Sacco and Vanzetti case, emergency Quota Act of 1921, Immigration Act of 1924 and Mitchell Palmer
which immigration act limited the number of immigrants entering the United States in any one year to 3 percent of the size of each nationality group that had been living in the United States in 1910
the Emergency Quota Act of 1910
What immigration act limited the # of immigrants entering the US to 2% and based it on the Census of 1890
The Immigration Act of 1924
what document showed the fight between old/new, conservative modern ETC
The John Scopes Trial in the 20th century
Who wrote the Man That Nobody Knowsq
Bruce Barton wrote it and it was about Jesus having been the greatest adsman
what were the results of the car?
1) 1 mill died in car accidents. "The public be rammed."
2)the RR was hit by competition (it no longer carried mail becuz of the air plane and cars took away passengers)
3) "prostitution house on wheels" teens could now conveniently explore each other's bodies.
4) made possible the consolidation of churches/schools
5) suburbs spread out
6)more highways
7)less attractive states less population
who invents long wave radio signals?
Guglielmo Marconi which stimulated sports and forced politicians to modify their rhetoric
what was the first movie featured in 5 cent theatres
The Great Train Robbery
what was the first movie featured in 5 cent theatres
The Great Train Robbery
who was elected in 1920
who does harding select as supreme court justice
what reverses Mueller V. Oregon
Adkins V. Childrens hospital
what encouraged private consolidation of the RRs&ICC to guarantee their profitablility
The Esch-Cummins Act
How did the Railway Labor board cause a strike/
They cut wages by 12% in 1922 provoking a 2 month strike that ended when General daughterty imposed an injunction on the workers. Union membership decreased by 30%
when did the Washington Disarmament conference take place
In what year did the Five-Power Naval treaty occur
In 1922
Why did the tariffs increase while Harding and Coolidge were president?
They knew that tariffs were great for biz however, they didnt understand that those tariffs hurt the countries who owed us money
Who was involved in the teapot Dome scandal
evil Albert Fall, secretary of the interior-the innocent secretary of the navy- the evil clients Harry Sinclair and Edward Doheny--and the naive Harding himself
which general attorney was investigated in 1924 for selling illegal pardons
General attorney Harry M. Daugherty