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Define the functions and location of the Frontal Lobe.
Location: Top front of the brain
Function: planning and decision making, certain kinds of memory (developing strategies for remembering), and personality
Define the function and location of Broca's area.
Location: in a portion of the left frontal lobe (in most people)
Function: Speech prodcution
Define the function and location of the Motor cortex.
Location: The rear of the frontal lobe in both hemispheres
Function: vouluntary muscle movement, language production, higher level thought processes
Define the function and location of the Parietal lobe.
Location: roughly the top middle portion of the brain
Function: Contains the somatosensory cortex though which people experiance the sense of touch
Define the function and location of the Temporal lobe
Location: on either side of the cortex
Function: Processing audiotry information; involved in certain aspects of speech and language perception
Define the function and location of the occipital lobe
location: back of the brain
Function: Visual processing
Define the function and location of Wernicke's area
Location: In the temporal lobe of the left cerebral hemisphere
Function: language comprehension