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Which communication method requires separate channels for simultaneously transmitting and receiving data without collisions?
What communication method does not allow for the simultaneous transmission and reception of data and is subject to collisions?
Which of the following statements best describes the bus master feature?
It offloads processor cycles by taking over the bus arbitration process when data is being transferred from system memory to a network interface card (NIC).
What is the main function of the Media Access Control (MAC) mechanism?
To regulate access to the network medium
Which of the following features can be used by network interface adapters to automatically configure themselves to run at an agreed-upon speed and duplex mode?
In the 10Base-T specification, what is the function of the normal link pulse (NLP) sent by hubs and network interface adapters?
It verifies the integrity of the connection (or link) between devices
Which protocol is used on an enterprise network to track the performance of critical network components?
On Microsoft Windows operating systems (Microsoft Windows 95 and later), what is the primary tool that you use to manage and configure a network interface adapter, and where is it located?
The Device Manager utility, accessed from the System Properties dialog box in Control Panel
Which of the following switch types immediately forwards frames after looking at only the destination address?
Which of the following devices enables two computers to communicate when they are using different protocols and services within the layers of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model?
A gateway
Which two components are used by the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to monitor the performance of critical devices on an enterprise network? Choose two correct answers.
The SNMP agent
The SNMP management console
What hardware resources must always be manually configured for network interface adapters that do not support plug and play (PnP)? Choose two correct answers.
Interrupt request (IRQ) line
I/O port address