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What strike occured in Pennsylvania in 1902
The Anthracite Coal mine strike where 140,000 workers demanded a 20% pay incease and a 9hr workday. TR threatened if the to seize the mines w/troops which led to a pay raise of 10% and a 9hr workday
what was the Bureau of Corporations a part of? What did it do?
The Bureau of Corporations was a part of the Department of commerce and labor, which was created in 1903. It probed businesses engaged in interstate commerce
Why was the Elkins Act passed in 1903? What did it do?
the Elkins Act was passed in 1903 because the ICC had(1887) proved ineffective. The Elkins Act heavily fined RRs that gave out rebates& it fined the shippers that accepted them.
What does the Hepburn Act restrict?
The Hepburn Act restricts the amt of free RR passes given out
How did TR feel about trusts?
TR felt that he should maintain the good trusts and kill the bad ones. For example, he brought up a suit against the Northern Securities in 1904.
In what year was the Meat inspection Act passed
The Meat Inspection Act was passed in 1906 so meat that was shipped over state lines was subject to inspection
What writer intended to reveal the poor working conditions but instead brought attention to the horrors of the meatpacking industry?
Upton Sinclair, he wrote The Jungle
what act aided in preventing the mislabeling of foods and pharmaceuticals. It also aimed to have the Europeans trust us more
the Pure Food and Drug Act
what was the first conservation act
The desert Land Act of 1877
what did the Forest Reserve Act allow the president to do?
The Forest Reserve Act allowed the president to set aside land as national parks. this saved 46 million acres of forests
While TR was president who was the head of the Federal Division of Forestry, and who also aided in the initiation of irrigation projects
Gifford Pinchot was a conservationist.
What Act in 1902 initiated irrigation projects for the West
The Newlands Act of 1902 initiated irrigation for the West
Concern abt the disappearance of the frontier led to the creation of what??
Jack London's Call of the Wild. Boy Scouts of america and the Sierra Club
what Panic was TR wrongfully blamed for
The Panic of 1897
What Act authorized national banks to issue emergency currency backed by collateral
the Aldrich Vreeland Act of 1908 authorized national banks to issue emergency currency backed by collateral
who is chosen as TR's successor in 1908 and defeats William Bryan Jennings
Taft in 1908
what did Taft urge Americans to do?
Taft urged dollar diplomacy, which said that Americans should invest in areas of strategic concern to the US
what was the Ballinger-Pinchot scandal?
richard ballinger was the secretary of the interior who opened up public lands to corporate development. Pinchot criticized him for it and Taft fired him