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policy of extending one's country's rules over many lands
a county or state that is controled by an outside govenment
country ruled jointly by two other countries
extraterritorial rights
exemption from having to obey the laws of local territories
sphere of influence
a region dominated by, but not ruled by, a foreign nation
a minister from scotland who went to africa to heal the sick
east india company
in 1757 the leading power in india; it governed an area that included modern bangladesh, most of southern india & territory along the ganges river
a religious group that had been hostile to mughals
indian national congress
indian nationalism led to this; at first all they wanted was to win equal opportiunities & finally wanted a self government
open door policy
US feared they would be shut out so in 1899 they proposed an open door to China for merchants of all nations
commander of 4 US ships
enlighten rule; this era was a revolutionary time in Japan
spanish american war
5 months; in the end US won; Cuba, Puerto Rico, Philipines, & Guam
roosevelt corollary
an extensive of the Monore doctrine & was used to justify US interference in Latin America