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Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
made people feel reasured the gov would insure up to 5000 per a person if their was a rush
Federal Reserve Board
given the power to regulate the puchase of stock on margin by congress
Hundred Days
the first 100 days that the president is in office. FDR purposed many acts and helped the economy in his first 100 days
Indian Reorganization Act
was made in 1934 which ended the sale of tribal land which was an extension of the power act restored overship to native americans
National Industrial Recovery Act
purpose to bolster Industrial prices which would business and individals. sucessful for a time but soon businesses failed and companies complained the code were to complicated
Eleanor Roosevelt
the wife of FDR went and talked to the vets when the came on the second bonus march
new deal
proposals and programs adopted by FDR in response to the great depression
Civilian Conservation Corps
was made in an effort to conserve the enviroment it put 2.5 million unmarried male workers into maintance jobs
Federal Securities Act
may 1933 required full discloser of info about stock offered for sale
Securities and Exchange Commission
1934 was set up to regulate the stock market
Fireside Chats
chats that FDR had with the public which was broadcasted over the radio
Emergency Banking Act
this act closed all banks and then gave them a loan of 5000 $ so the banks could lend out money to the public
Civil works administration
gave the unemployed jobs building or improved roads, parks, airports, and other facilities
Tennessee Valley Authority
created may 1933 helped farmers made jobs reactivated a hydroelectric power facility provided cheap electric power, flood control
Committee for Industrial of Oganizations
sought to organize the nations unskilled workers
Congress of Industrial Organization
same orgaization as committee for Industrial Organization they just changed their name
American Federation of Labor
had little to attract unskilled industrial workers during its half-century of existence