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Legal responsibility
Law based on the U.S. constitution
Common law
Law that is derived from society's acceptance of customs and norms over time. Also called case las or judge made law
Legislative law
Law created by law-making bodies such as congress and state assembl ies. Also called statutory law
Administrative law
Law that is enacted by governmental agencies at either the federal of state level
Criminal law
Division of the legal system that deals with wrongs committed against society and it's members.
Civil law
Incident, investigation, filing of complaint, answering of a complaint, discovery, trial, decision, appeal, settlement.
Scope of practice
Range of duties and skills paramedics are allowed and expected to perform.
Commonly mandated reports
Spouse abuse, child abuse and neglect, elder abuse, sexual assault, gunshot and stab wounds, animal bites, communicable disease
Exemption from legal liabilty
Good Samaritan laws
Laws that provide immunity to certain people who assist at the scene of a medical emergency
Deviation from accepted standards of care recognized by law for the protection of others against the unreasonable risk of harm
The four elements of negligence
Duty to act, breach of that duty, actual damage, proximate cause
Duty to act
A formal contracted or informal legal obligation to provide care
Breach of duty
An action or inaction that violates the standard of care expected from a paramedic
Standard of care
The degree of care, skill, and judgement that would be expected under like or similar circumstances by a similarly trained, reasonable paramedic from the same community.
A breach of duty by performance of a wrongful or unlawful act
A breach of duty by performance of a legal act in a manner that is harmful or injurious
A breach of duty by failure to perform a required act or duty
Res ipsa loquitur
A legal doctrine invoked by plaintiffs to support a claim of negligence. Latin meaning "the things that speaks for itself"
Actual damages
Refers to compensable physical, psychological, or financial harm
Proximate cause
Action or inaction of the paramedic that immediately caused or worsened the damage suffered by the patient
An intentional false communication that injures another person's reputation or good name
The act of injuring a persons character, name, or reputation by false statement in writing or by mass media
Acts of injuring a person's character, name, or reputation by false of malicious intent or reckless disregard for the falsity of those statements
A patient granting permission for treatment
Involuntary consent
Consent to treatment granted by the authority of a court order
Termination of paramedic- patient relationship without assurance that an equal or greater level of care will continue
An act that unlawfully places a person in apprehension of immediate bodily harm
The unlawful touching of an individual author his consent
False imprisonment
Intentional and unjustifiable detention of a person without his consent of other legal authority
Reasonable force
The minimal amount of force necessary to ensure that an unruly or violent person does not cause injury to himself of others
Advance directive
A document created to ensure that certain treatment choices are honored when a pt is unconscious or otherwise unable to express his choice of treatment
Advance Directives
Living will
Durable POA
DNR offers
Organ donor cards
Living will
A legal document that allows a person to specify the kinds of medical treatment he wishes to receive should the need arise