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Groups of similar cells that work together to perform a particular function
Tissue that is made up of tightly packed sells that cover the bodies and make up the internal linings of some animals
Connective Tissue
Tissue in animals that is made up of strong, elastic cells that hold muscles together and keep parts of the body in place
A kind of tissue in animals that is made up of cells that contract, get shorter, and relax, allowing the body to move
A type of animal tissue that relays messages between the brain and the rest of the body
Tissue made up of vessels that move substances throughout a plant
The outermost tissue layer on a plant's roots, leaves, and stems
Plant tissue that may perform photosynthesis, store sugars and nutrients, and provide support
A structure made up of several different types of tissue that all work together to do a particular job
Breathing organs of mammals, birds, and reptiles
Organ that pumps blood throughout the body of some animals
A long tube below the stomach that helps process the food an animal consumes so that it can be used by cells in the body
Plant organs that may anchor the pant in the soil, absorb the water and minerals a plant needs to grow, and store food for the plant
Plant organs that may support plant leaves and move water and nutrients throughout a plant
Plant organs that perform the majority of photosynthesis in plants
Organ Systems
A group of organs that work together to perform a specific job in living things
Circulatory System
A system that moves nutrients and oxygen through an animal's body and removes the waste products
Skeletal System
The system that provides shape and support in the bodies of some animals; in most animals, it is made up of bone
Nervous System
The system that controls the activities of all the other systems in the body of an animal, in many animals, it is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and nerve tissue that branches off the spinal cord
Transport System
The system by which the leaves, stems, and roots move water, nutrients, and minerals throughout a plant